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  1. Thanks for the welcome. One skill I learned from RC helis, planes, trucks, kiting, and various motorsports I enjoy participating in is how to unload a wing and minimize crashes. I hope to carry that skill to quads. It is really sad how much I got to practice learning this skill. Your other advice will be used and appreciated in the coming weeks. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the welcome. I did not make it to Treasure Island this year since I usually work on the weekends, but I was ready to go up to the last minute. I hope to have many more years doing this to get there a number of times. Thanks.
  3. Hello Everyone Recently had a family vacation planned at the beach and felt I could not do a trip like that properly without a couple of kites. Being the collectoholic that I am, I quickly had a few dual line kites to start my collection. Enjoyed flying them along with sharing them with the family and friends. After getting home, I realized my back pasture would be great for continuing my new hobby. Boy, was I right. Have had a great time with the duals and then I stumbled upon the "quads". It did not take watching many videos, before I had my first one on the way. I mean, are you kidding
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