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  1. Thanks for the information. That was very informative and interesting! I will make some calls.
  2. I have used Skybond for the last 2 years as it was recommended to me when i first started and have had no problems BUT I am now trying to buy a spool (1000 ft 100lb) and I am not able to find any! LPG and Spectra are the other two that I am seeing talked about here. Are they as hard to come by now as Skybond? Where is a good place to buy line? I have been dealing with Flying Smiles and like the people and the service.
  3. Thanks Paul. I ran across the endorsement from John on that video and tried to find their website but no luck. How do I get ahold of them? thanks
  4. Where did you get them and each one has its own power?
  5. Last week I was (I THOUGHT!) on kitelife and saw comments on LED lights for a REV and they seemed to be good reviews. I have been looking today and can find nothing. Does anyone have any good experience with lights and where to find them?
  6. sorry riffclown, I was reffering to John's post about bringing out some new videos.
  7. John, I am with you. A number of guys on this thread look down on Club 38 for different reasons that is no reason to discourage others! I bought my first quad in Feb of this year while in Texas at the end of my trip. The next day I returned to Iowa and have been flying alot ever since and have acquired 2 more quads but from then until now I have not seen one other person fly a quad. Club 38 has been a great help to me as it has given me something to challenge me each time I go to the field. I love KiteLife and the videos that John has done but Club 38 has its place too. I could learn so much more and so much faster If I had a group of guys to fly with but thats not the case. But, until then, club 38 will keep my interest. hang in there!!
  8. Came back from Texas to Iowa this winter with a quad and NO experience. Saw the club38 challenge and signed up. PROs: It gives me something to work on each time I go out. You are forced to learn new moves. It keeps my interest. CONS: After watching John's training videos, the club 38 videos leave much to be desired. I really like the split screen so I can see what the flyer is doing and also what the kite is doing. Having no one around here flying a quad that can help me, I think the club 38 is very benificial.
  9. I find it very interesting how each of you have a different perspective on the bicycle, describing it slightly different but with the same result. I am finding it is little things that make the difference. Each one has helped me. Thank You! Wish I could have one of you standing next to me for about an hour. Would probably save me a month of practice!!!! (BUT.... I do enjoy the practice!)
  10. Thanks everyone for your input. I really appreciated it. Ended up putting in a bit of bicycling but tried not to. In the end he did not “dock” me for it so ... onward! Stay tuned, I am sure there will be more questions!
  11. Have only been flying a few months but I am flying alot (Thanks to Coronavirus!). I joined the REV38 club to help me focus when I am out flying. I am on level 3 which has me doing 2 CCW, slide across the window and then 2 CW spins. Here's my problem. I am not able to keep the kite "level" when doing those spins. I loose altitude. A little the first rev and much the second rev. Yes, the more the wind the less loss but should I be loosing any? As I read I am hearing everyone just using the thumb and holding it in there, maybe starting up just a bit first but Its not working for me. I can do the bicycle fairly well and keep it in the same altitude but for that I am using thumbs, brake and arms. Am I expecting too much when doing spins? I have no one to fly with and watch or ask questions so sorry in advance!!
  12. UPDATE! I've been back in Iowa 45 days and have been able to fly about 30 of those days. You cant appreciate March in Iowa until you are happy and excited to be flying in gusty 10-15 mph at 35-45 degree temps and mostly cloudy! The first two weeks were killers! I honestly thought there was something wrong with my kite. Come to find out, I was right.... it was ME!!! After each day of failure I would come home, read more of all of your comments, watch and rewatch John's videos and each time I would pick up some small item that I had missed OR all of a sudden what was being said now made sense. And then one day.... IT FLEW! Now, each time I go out I am having a blast. I am starting to see manuvers I have seen some of you demonstrate show up with my kite. Like one of the guys said "All it takes is many HOURS." With the Coronavirus impacting everyone this is working out just fine. Great excuse to get outside by myself and practice. It would be nice to fly with others and get their experience to move me along but until then its just me. I see that I am the only KiteLife member in IOWA!!! I am now looking to purchase another kite. A ReV. Any suggestions on which would be good for my second kite considering the winds are usually 8-15 and gusty? Thanks
  13. I am hoping to connect someone around the Waterloo Iowa area that can fly a quad. I have several 2 string kites; a parasail and prisom, both 2 string. Have no problem flying either of them. I was in South Padre Island at kite festival last month (end a of a month stay) and was AMAZED with the quads so stopped into the kite shop down there and picked one up on my budget and their recommendation. (HQ Mojo) I was headed back to Iowa 2 days later (to the snow and freezing temps) so I have only been able to fly..... excuse me, ATTEMPT to fly several times. I don't know if it is me or the kite is not set up properly but I DO KNOW it is kicking my butt! I am looking for someone that can help get me started. I must say, the kite can really take a beating!!! and keep on ticking. I am watching all the videos and reading all I can on this site but I think I need some help at this point. Spring is right around the corner and with it will come some good flying weather. Cant wait! If you know of anyone or a club in the northeast Iowa area drop me a line! Help out an old geezer!
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