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    Food! Yougurt!

    I'm gonna piggy-back this one....I second how easy it is to make your own yogurt...cuz I make my own as well! It may seem intimidating, but once you make your first batch, you're not gonna believe it was that simple. Google is very helpful and you'll figure out what works best for you after a few batches. Quart sized mason jars, a thermometer, a large stock pot (8+ qt), wooden spoon, tablespoon, whisk, bath towel and cooler are the supplies that get to job done for me. A gallon of whole milk and a cup of store brand plain yogurt are all the fancy foodstuffs you need. "Live and activ
  2. Hi all. I was a member on the gwtw and prism forums a long time ago, under a similar handle. So sad to see those sites go, but glad to find this one. I started flying framed dualies probably around when I was 10-12 years... Had an elixir and alien while i was in high school. I stepped away from flying to focus on building a family (got rid of a lot of kites). Now that my kids are older, I'm getting them into flying. Sticking with ram air foils and power quads...simple to fly and not much to break. I'm a tinkerer at heart, I've kept around a Prism 3d (2k3) that I tweaked to hav
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