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  1. I'm going through Dodd's flight school training right now. I'm suuuuper green when it comes to dual line framed kites. I'm flying a prism hypnotist with the included lines and webbing handles. Punch turns are no problem. Pull and combination turns are no problem. I can take the kite from the ground in a belly down, nose away orientation into a short fade, then roll it over onto its front side to fly away. I have decent control... So why do I always over-rotate my snap stalls and spin stalls? Any time I actually stall the kite, it's over rotated. Thoughts? Tips?
  2. WINNER! Thanks! I also leveraged my poor german skills to peek in on drachenforum.net...this stuff is just hard to search for.
  3. OK. I think I've settled on the [Return] as my first build. Looks like a pretty simple panel layout and very good documentation. Wish me luck! http://www.kareloh.com/kite-plans/return/return-plan/
  4. So here's what I'm talking about... ...these aren't all standard techniques for assembly, seam construction, joining hardware, installing fittings, etc. Just looking for some inside info here!
  5. Thanks, I'll check it out. Any books or personal websites of builders that come to mind?
  6. Where can I find some good, consolidated resources on kitemaking? I'm decent with a sewing machine and I'm handy. I have made wooden RC sailplanes, repaired carbon fiber planes and parts for my dirt bikes, built/repaired/tuned RC helicopters, etc. so I'm pretty confident I can take some plans with a little insight and guidance and make a good kite. I've found several sites with plans listed, but not much about how to read the cut sheets/schematics, and haven't found info on tips for order of operations, stitches to use for different seams...stuff like that. So where can I find the good stuff?! Oh, and I'll note that as of now, I am primarily looking at building dual line sport kites since that's what I am familiar with. I intend to get a quad liner at some point, too, but want some experience flying them before I build one. Cheers, Bred.
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