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  1. Thanks for the input, The Djinn doesnt include lines or handles which makes it 130 more. For a kite I will fly a dozen or so times a year its hard to justify more than 300 dollars. Thanks again
  2. Current sale at Rev puts the Reflex RX, shipped at 300.00. Including carbon lite handles, 90lb line, and an indoor trainer thing too.
  3. No chance of flying, im in a rural area, ive never even seen anyone fly a 2 string kite let alone a 4 string
  4. The Rev RX is the 1.5 size, and they assured me I could put a lighter frame/different frame in it and the end caps except 5/16 or 1/4" spars. Does the sail panel layout really effect how they fly
  5. So I flew a revolution 30 years ago and I think its time to get a new one. I've been studying the web for the past few weeks and I think I'm more confused now. I will probably only get to flew 12 times a year. Are area has low to no wind most of thet time. Kites I've been looking at are the Rex reflex xx and the rx Also I just got off the phone with them this morning and they are looking to see if they have any full sail 1.5 classics left. The Djinn is out of my price range. And I'm not sure about the Vertigo/Exodus kites. I was thinking I can make a kite work that flies in the 3-20 range. I need lines, handles, everything. What are your thoughts Thanks
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