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  1. WOW! SMALL world! And good to know that there are still a few out there, and still flying! In case anyone is curious, I'm looking to get one of the stand-offs (shown above) 3-D printed, so... a.) I'll let you all know how much it costs to get something like that made from scratch. And... b.) I'll get whoever does it to upload the design so that if anyone else breaks one, they'll be able to easily get a new one printed. Cheers, and stay safe all!
  2. Thanks LOOPY! I'm looking into having one of these 3-D printed...
  3. YES!!! Yes it IS! I just needed my aging memory jogged! Thanks Loopy!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm just an old guy refurbishing an old kite. I didn't have time for it for years, but now that I'm retired... I'm actually hoping that there's some one out there that can help me identify it (I can;t remember it's make and model after 30 years!) Does anyone recognise this?
  5. Hi everyone! I need your help identifying my 30 year old kite, does this look familiar to anyone??? It has an 8 foot wingspan, and measures 5 1/2 feet from nose to wing-tip. I'm trying to repair/refurbish it, but I can't for the life of me remember the brand, and model, making it rather difficult to source suitable parts. Thanks.
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