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  1. Are you going to get his new M3 or the current Mamba.? It sounds like the M3 might be a little more trick capable. I hope to get to fly one next weekend(M3) Mamba 3
  2. Sounds like a pretty good outcome. Blue
  3. Hope your surgery turned out well.  Blue

  4. My Mamba(STD) has flown in 18-20 with no trouble, do get some wing shudder if I push it to hard in the middle of the window. Have put it on the ground a fair amount trying things, and nothing has broken. Kite is a 10 for me. I do not try to fly it over 15mph, but the winds gust up here fairly often. Over 18MPH I bring out the Whizz.
  5. I would guess so. I am new to light winds, but I can fly my Mamba Std well at 5 MPH, so I would think the UL would be good at 2-3. You should talk to Ken. I can only axel, 1/2 axel and turtle at this point, but the Mamba stays well in the air at 5 without having to pump much. Can still fly patterns at 5MPH Blue
  6. I really like mine. I have only been a high wind guy, and the Mamba has me learning tricks, yet it still flies patterns or whatever I want nicely. Ken really makes it an easy process to buy, and you can do whatever colors you like. I give mine a 10 because while trying to learn things I have put it on the ground and there has been no damage, and it looks good in the sky. Blue(it will be worth the wait for you)
  7. Did you go with a stock color, or your own colourizing?
  8. My wife's first time flying a sport kite. 14mph with a Quantum 2. Says her arms are sore(flew at least an hour) Only one crash at Mach 1 speed. Soccer game was forced to pause until the tremors ceased. Quantum blew apart but nothing broke. She will not be piloting the Mamba any time soon. Video too big for here(on Prism site). Blue
  9. I hear you, am also past my good years(59). I am going to snowkite this winter and if I like it, I will move to the water. I have been wakeboarding and snowboarding for a number of years, hopefully that helps. My big fear on the water is the drive time to Lake Michigan(1 1/2 hours), and the wind disappears. The boat propels me no matter the wind. Need partners for the boat and they are scarce lately. Blue
  10. Sir, what made you decide to stop kitesurfing? Blue
  11. Thank you, I am new to the game, but I really like how it seems to stay hooked up, or how it will float if I give it line. Glad Ken made it for me(also got some extra sticks). Flying the more responsive kites has allowed me to fly my Whizz in the high winds. That kite is quite fussy in the sky, and super fast. So at this point I am covered for high and fairly low wind. Like the hobby so far. Did not get a Level One kite, but the people there are very nice and responsive. Need to get a Badass at some point. Blue
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