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  1. Those are so nice. All these photos of his nice work really make me glad I went the way I did. It got moved up in his que to later this week was not supposed to get made for 3 weeks, great for me. I will post a pic, maybe a video if I can get it in the sky. Blue
  2. Good to hear, he is making it this coming week.
  3. I have a long way to go, hopedfully it goes well. The Moonie version is quite cool. Blue
  4. Yes, I am really looking forward to getting it. I told him the colors I wanted and he sent me like 12 variations, of which I liked them all. He is going to make me one of them per his choosing. It will be unknown to me as to which one he picks. Retirement gift to myself. I look forward to my development in this hobby. Blue
  5. I went with the Mamba. I really like the fact that Ken is making this for me based on what I like, and doing it at his shop in North Carolina. Pic will follow when I get it. I would like to thank you all for your comments. I locked on to Makatakam's advice to get what I want and not worry about the crashes. The Hydra would have been the financially responsible pick(never good at that). Blue
  6. Thanks for the info, I am down to the Mamba, the Badass, and the Hydro. Pricewise the Hydro is awesome. Pulling the trigger tomorrow. Anyone with more advice??? Blue
  7. Thanks, what wind range do you fly your Std in?
  8. I have dealt with Andy, and he is a super nice guy. That is what got me looking at the Challengers. Does the Std fly well in 6-12 or would you get the Lite? Yes, I am glad to get some input here. I actually have quite a few good places to fly around here. I will not likely ever fly below 6, and when the wind is above 20, the Whizz will be out. Paul from Level One has been very responsive, the Badass or the Hydra(he designed it right) are his recommends. Seems like a good guy. Thanks for the help.
  9. Thank you, I also like your approach to get what I want and not to worry about damaging it. I like the Badass and Mamba. Used kites seem hard to come by. The classifieds on here are all mostly expired for dual line kites.
  10. I will investigate the bridle adjustments. Flew it in 10 yesterday and it was OK, ussually lost it at the edges, but was able to get it back up. Thanks for the info.
  11. Thanks for the tip. Will investigate that. Is the market the people on this site? If so, I am open to ideas.
  12. Got it, any advice on selection?
  13. New to the forum. I have been a high wind flyer only 15-25--Quantum, 25+ Galaxy, Whizz. I would like to get a kite for 6-12 that I can learn some tricks on, and have fun flying. I would stick to my other ones on windy days.(struggle with the Whizz). I can fly punch squares and control the Quantum through the power window and at the edges, no tricks tried. The kite is not much fun under 12MPH. I have been reading some posts regarding lighter wind kites,and I hope you can steer me along a little. I like the looks of big kites,One eleven is one that seems good. Would this kite be too slow at that wind speed. I also like all Level One kites(Bad Ass and Reloaded). My fear for these kites whether Std or UL is would they withstand a few(many) earth hits. I actually never hit the galaxy or Quantum to the ground anymore, but I just fly them, no tricks. I will be retiring in the next year and plan to spend a good amount of time on this hobby. If money and skill were no object(unfortunately it is), I really like the look of the Mamba, and the fact to help a kite builder do what he does in these times. However I do not think potentially destroying an excellent kite is wise.I have also been checking into the Challengers from OSK(owner is a nice guy) but not too much info exists. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Tim(they call me Blue) . Thank you.
  14. To this point, have not flown a whole lot, pretty much just fly in high winds, and until recently had not had a kite up in 5 years. Looking to get a lot more time in the air, and look forward to joining in where I can. Plan to fly the Quantum in 20 - 25MPH tomorrow. I am currently a Driver of a Fire Engine in Appleton, Wisconsin, with about a year to go before retiring. Thank you for the welcome, and perhaps over time I can start doing some tricks, with the extra time I will hopefully have.. Tim Blob(Blue is nickname). P.S. I also have an HQ Whizz that I am struggling to keep in the air, as I cannot get it come up straight(lines are= length, and bridle is not messed up). I cannot get it to have a full sail to get going before it pinwheels on me and I have to put it down. Have only had it out twice with no success.
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