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  1. thank you, I really quickly realized I want something that can be packed into much more smaller package ...haha...I'm also tempted to build my own. I'm surely not underestimating learning curve and I'm well aware that even the cheapest kite will perform quite of tricks in hands of experienced pilot. I'm just doing a bit of a research, where to look at next, if there is some general recommendation or not. But looking at it from perspective of covering more options s great hint. the one I picked has 2m wingspan, needs a bit of a wind to get flying. so next one will be something probably larger and lighter for days with not so strong wind. lot's of research ahead of me - both on flying theory and also the gear... fun times
  2. Hi there,I'm total newbie. I live in a pretty windy area and as I have been fascinated by flying (mostly free flight aircraft models) I thought I could get some of use of the wind, instead of complaining about it. I've been tinkering with flying a stunt kite for a while (flying kites is considered a child activity, mostly in autumn in my area - but who cares). I've been amazed be tricks that are possible with just two lines, and what is better relax in this overtechnologized age than a kite attached to your arms in a wind...no electronics, no internet... so I have bought Orao FYF 500 as my training kite, I have done first flights and I am learning the basics to control the beast.now, as I know from my other hobby - one kite wont be enough, and as my b-day is approaching fast, that rises a question - what kite to but next as a step up for somone who wants to get into a world of tricks an master them after I learn basic stuff? I see Benson kites are considered as one of the best - superfly or supernova? other options? lot of the links for kite making brands are dead already, it seems I'm late to the party. I was also playing with an idea of building one by myself (due to my nature of liking to make and build stuff), based on the open source plans, but as I don't own sewing machine and buying the materials would cost a fortune it's not very feasible option-but maybe one day, who knows, when I introduce my kid into the world of flying
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