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  1. That little bit of slack is normal... at least it is on all of mine. Try pulling the nose forward just a bit. so it doesn't hang perfectly flat like you mentioned. It is a sensitive kite, but this *should* help.

  2. I've only got a few minutes flying one, and while the kite is appreciated by many, it's not my cup of tea.

    Wouldn't know where to start... Should fly in a deer fart though. ;)

    exactly! and it should fly equally as well in 7-10 deer farts! My first guess is that the bridle is tucked under the t-fitting or something as obvious as caught at the tail piece. It really shouldnt be acting like that. Maybe the nose tipped back too far? hmmm.

  3. Just go to revkites.com and the forum and look for Drachen TShirts and follow the process....Ben

    I dont know if this happened to anyone else, but when I clicked that link my browser opened up in a million new tabs! :) they kept going and going and going... had to crash out.

    I gotta say... I am a wee leetle bit leery of looking again. :)

    has this happened to anyone else?

  4. I also have 2 Hawaiian Team kites that I could possibly part with. They are presently set-up for a 2 stack and the individual bridles are around someplace :)

    These have not been flown for many years, and have been in safe clean storage. From what I remember :revonhead: they are black with warm scheme chevrons at the trailing edges. Conditon GREAT! no rips, tears, or fading -at last look.

    ;) I'll listen to offers. Photos available soon.

  5. yep... we'll be there again as well. :)

    :) It's important to mention for the newcomers ...that this is a show... tightly scheduled with invited flyers... there is bsically no free flying area near the demo field -other than at the end of the day, when it's a free-for-all!

    I encourage everyone that can attend to do so... Like Penny mentioned -for her, our first trip was also frustrating... We drove a long way and we expected to be able to fly and demo... not the case.

    It is a great show!!! ;)

  6. You all are going to be pretty upset when I win that Rev! :P

    :w00t: done a little winemaking myself... seeing that set-up got me thinking about getting another batch going.

    Ok, so here's my best wishes for a safe and happy holiday... to everyone, wherever you are, and however you might celebrate.



  7. umm Penny? are you going to be there? hope so!

    My other gig may be somewhat subdued :blue-love: ... While doing some paint prep on a jobsite, I took a bad fall from a balcony a couple weeks ago. Still very banged up on my elbow, hip, and ankle... :)

    The plan is to fly -as usual... hoping the strain on my arms wont be too much.

    AnyHOO... we'll be there! looking forward to it all, and hoping for great weather... C'mon Sunday! :)

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