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  1. Gomberg has a great travel FAQ section on his website... here: www.gombergkites.com/t-faq.html
  2. Nah... not worried. They all love me!
  3. however, Codyguy can be kinda scary.
  4. WHAT??? and cover up the red?
  5. LMAO! Shakin' in my boots... er, bare feet.
  6. oh yeah... guess you owe me one! beavis.
  7. mentally emotionally and physically. You're one messed up lil puppy, but you're loved here. iffin' Imma gonna be gettin kicked, I'd better say sumfin to deserve it. So there!
  8. So just wait til you get a piece of food stuck in one of the holes and it rots, then tastes bad, then stinks, then dry-socket.... oh what fun Carl B who?
  9. What I am getting from this is: Amy, Penny, and Moon while wearing glow-in-the-dark buttfloss, er... thongs, will wrap Codydude in seaweed and shoot him with malted milk balls and marshmallows while trying to hang him with a RevII. Tickets on sale soon.
  10. lol... she's different. nobody stare. ahhh, we love ya no matter who you are.
  11. Isn't spelt a type of flour? You must mean in her photo gallery... That's the way they came to me, so that's the way they got published.
  12. It's up everyone! Penny Lingenfelter We'll just say "more to come", "stay tuned", "check back often"... There will be no Penny ramblings, I promise! I've heard them, you dont need to! How's that for not telling anyone Penny? LMAO~
  13. Nu uh... Unless you are talking about "Tequilla Monday" after Crescent City... but there's nothing to hide. Or, lessee... Who said WSIKF Beer garden? Oh yeah, mousie did... I wonder who was sitting across from me at that... John, do you remember who that was? Incriminating pictures my ! Good llama, very good llama.
  14. ...and I have an interesting photo or 2! LMAO!!!
  15. Rick's codys dont fly worth beans until you dual line them. Heck, all they do is sit there in the sky looking pretty... what's up with that?
  16. I think we need a photo of John and his new pink kite.
  17. Awww guys.... stop it! We had to cancel our trip. You're breaking my heart!
  18. Do you mean his nephew and flying partner -Dan Brown?
  19. This I have got to see! ...John giving Doc a Mousie proxy hug.
  20. Did I miss something? Is it in another part of the forum? I dont remember a new drawing being announced.
  21. Makes me wonder... is he talking about the llamas, or us! Thanks for the kind words uNDERLEAF!
  22. uh oh... now you've gone and done gotten Monkeyboy involved! is that sorta like a Burd Turgler? way to go planeypoo!
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