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  1. Here's the maiden flight (couple of crashes and all)
  2. OMG, just took out my newly finished Symphony Pro 2.5.4. I love it!! What a totally different experience to the regular 2 line kite. Taken my enjoyment of kiting to a new level. Took a bit of trial and error to splice the bridals but got there after I realised that the string I was using wasn't good enough (initially tried using the line that came on the Symphony 2.5 Pro, but it didn't open up nicely and was nearly impossible to splice). I recently bought replacement quad lines for a Peter Lynn hornet so ended up using the old flying lines to make my bridals. I managed to get my bother into it too after I bought my niece a Symphony Beach 1.3 for her birthday. He instantly bought a 2.2 pro and will no doubt be converting it after seeing my first flight video of the 2.5.4. Strong work @riffclown thanks again. Can't believe HQ aren't selling the 4 line Symphony Pro kites out of the box but there is something satisfying about doing the conversion yourself (I even learnt how to use Mrs LeMac's sewing machine!)
  3. Hi @riffclown FYI I ordered a 2.2 pro but after a week the shop admitted their didn't have any in stock and weren't sure when they would be back in. They offered me a 2.5 pro for the same price so went with that (also bought the 3m Hornet). You mentioned you did mod a 2.5 but with some major adjustments. Are you able to summarise before I start out doing my conversion? Thanks. Lee
  4. @riffclown Awesome. Thanks for the snappy response. The photo of the size difference really bring home the point. I had read your buying guide before but was still mistaken in thinking there was't much difference between a 2.2 sport and a 3m traction. Thanks again. I'm gonna buy the Symphony Pro 2.2. now. Will let you know how the conversion goes. Thanks again for your advice.
  5. Hi Riffclown. Love the videos of your 2.2.4. I'm getting into kiting after my son was recently gifted a symphony beach 1.3 and it's re-awoken a passion I had for my basic stunt kite I had when I was a kid. I'm tempted to try your mod, guess the models have changed since your originally created your mod. Of the existing models would you recommend the Symphony beach 2.2 or the Symphony Pro 2.2? I also have the option of buying a second hand Peter Lynn Hornet 3m which I'm quite tempted by. I'm most likely to fly stunting but wouldn't mind building up to a landboard as I build up my flying skills. Lee
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