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  1. Thanks very much for your reply Riffclown! I see HQ do some quad handles so I will give them a go. Before I get to invested in this project I will try hand sewing one of the tabs on first as a test run. Looking at my limited options here, I think the kite line, bridle and brake line will all be the same Climax Protec. Cheers! Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  2. Hi All, I'm new to the forum and new to kiting. I was looking at purchasing a Rev (super expensive here in the UK) but after stumbling across your SP 2.2.4 post a couple of weeks back Riffclown, I decided I should have a go at making my own as a beginner's introduction to quad kites. Last week I purchased the kite and am now gathering materials for the mod. I have read all the posts I could find but still have a couple of queries so was wondering if you or anyone else could help? 1. In the UK, Skybond is not easy to come by but 350# Climax Protec is. I am considering using this for both the bridle and main lines (the line that comes with th SP is 353#). Do you know if the Climax Protec can be spliced? If not, do you (or anyone else) you have any experience splicing Climax bridle line (http://www.climaxlines.co.uk/contents/en-uk/p70.html)? How important is it to splice the bridles? If I used knots would this be to the detriment of the bridle performance/longevity? 2. What line is recommended for the orange 20" brake bridle? Something thick? The current bridle leaders (is that the terminology?) use a thicker white cord which I suppose is easier to larks head onto. 3. I would like to use the 9th attachment tab in your design also. Are you able to provide the bridle lengths for this? From what I have read it makes reverse flight a little easier? 4. You mention "some other line suitable for sleeving to thicken the main attachment points". Is the sleeving applied to the tabs? Do you still use this? 5. As I have no quad experience I have no idea what to look for in handles. Would JB series Rev handles be recommended? Or are the 15" versions recommended? ..lastly.. 6. I don't have a sewing machine- would I be crazy to stitch the tabs by hand? If not, any tips for hand stitching? eg Needle size/type, thread recommendations etc?..Or should I really not even attempt it as I assume it will take ages to complete? Thanks for putting your design out there for all to use Riffclown! I'm looking forward to (depending on the hand stitching) giving it a go! Hamish
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