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  1. I have to say, that is one brilliant piece of flying, and the music is brilliant, not the sort of stuff you hear on top of the pops, I wonder where some of the film edit is get this music from.
  2. Hi Lisa, I actually went for a Benson in the end, bought a standard Deep Space to start, and almost straight away ordered the Deep Space UL. I am finding as a novice, the UL easier to do some tricks with, in the lighter winds it was built for. I have to say I am so pleased with the two Benson kites I have, excellent workmanship, and not noisy to fly, I hate kites that make loads of vibration noise. I would definitely buy another Benson, probably a Superfly next.
  3. You won’t be disappointed with a Benson
  4. I have been thinking of a Kaiju, for the same reason as you, and would try to fly it on 30-40 foot lines. Because of the problems with shipping, I have had a go at making my own similarly sized kite to Kaiju, using 4mm carbon spars. I have had a few preliminary flights with 10 foot lines ( very very twitchy, almost uncontrollable), so now working on it with 15metre lines, not quite so twitchy, but need to do more work on the bridle. I have Benson Deep Space UL, which flies in almost zero winds, but I was thinking of something smaller that can be flown on short lines in the back garden, hence my looking at the Kaiju.
  5. @KAZ. The photo is an HQ Jam Session I think, also it looks to me like it was taken overlooking the Bristol Channel near Barry. I see the ships in the background departing the pilot drop off station, and Flatholm Is in the background. I live in Barry and have revisited my kite flying after a break of a good few years, dusting off the HQ Jam Session, and also investing in two new kites recently, I have bought a Benson Deep Space Standard and UL. I am getting more into trick flying, learning from videos on YouTube. I think the local kite shops have long since closed, I used to fly up on Cowbridge Common, and a couple of kite shop owners used to take stock up there to sell from their cars. The main shop now in the UK for stunt kites is Kiteworld in Essex, or Kitesup, both have websites. I can also strongly recommend Benson Kites, made in Cornwall, again have an excellent website, the standard of Tim’s building is second to none, but you have to wait 5 weeks for delivery, but well worth the wait. I fly in Barry and at Sully when I am home, if you want any more info leave a reply here.
  6. Personally I think Facebook has a fair bit to do with the reduction of traffic on various forums, in our local model boat club meeting before COVID I asked how do you find out about that meeting, and the answer was we posted it on Facebook. Not all of us do Facebook, but I think that’s where some forum traffic ends up unfortunately. Glad for the heads up on the German and French forums, will have a look at those.
  7. Hi, I have to say, I find the finish on the Deep Space stand and UL second to none, perfection, I have flown the STD Deep Space a fair bit now, and the UL flew for the first time last weekend, but neither kite has any problems, build quality perfect, not noisy in the slightest, but I put that down to the finish, no slack panels, or trailing edges, I just need time now to improve my trick capabilities. Another of my favourite kites is the HQ Jam Session, I have owned mine for about 20 years now, and only recently had to replace the two main lower spreader bars due to a heavy landing, the sail on this kite is also not noisy, but is considerably more slack in some areas, has been like this from new.
  8. Zuul i was answering this quote by midibot
  9. I now have the Deap Space Standard and the UL version, if I fancy a nice leisurely straight line, turn straight line flight it does not disappoint I certainly wouldn’t rule it out, if you are worried about it being twitchy just keep to it’s designed wind strength, and I agree you won’t be disappointed. I am very pleased with mine, and I am by no means a full on trick flier.
  10. I never owned a UL so this will be new to me.
  11. You will really enjoy the DS, I have DS UL on order, expected any time now, just waiting for the email to say it’s on the way, could have done with it today, yesterday too windy for the STD, today not enough probably for theUL, but certainly no chance with the STD. Great kites, though, beautifully made. I also have a go at my own, got one on the bench now, may buy the spars for that for light airs.
  12. I agree with the three P’s, I had a long break with not much flying, occasionally pulling my Rev out of the bag, however, been having a concerted effort the last few months, think lockdown helped, sold the Rev and concentrated on the dual line kites, got my Jam Session really flying now, added a Benson DS to the quiver as well, so getting on in leaps and bounds. Dual line kiting seems to have gone quiet here in the UK so it’s all video instruction, though I would love some practical one to one stuff, so it’s back to the three P’s.
  13. Find those videos very informative, it’s just the co ordination fails me😂. I have found that my control has really improved since having my DS, was out yesterday, early afternoon, wind a bit strong for the DS so flew my old HQ Jam Session for an hour until wind dropped, my flying has improved since I got back into kites, but when I fly the DS it’s a different league altogether, so much more trickable.
  14. Good news on the import duty, more funds towards the next kite 😀
  15. I did have a bit of banter with Lam by email earlier this year, I was thinking of an ATM, but he was having trouble at the time sending to Europe, minimum 6 weeks, plus the build time, but he would have devalued the kite for import. id love to meet him and learn some tricks, but distance is the problem.
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