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  1. Took the kite to the shop today and they found that the nocks weren't missing, they were so deeply stuck inside the end caps as to be invisible. A little work with tiny pliers did the trick. So now I know this is a thing that can happen. Shop guy had never seen it before!
  2. 8thelephant, thanks so much! You are amazing! My kite is definitely missing its nocks. Local kite shop visit coming up.
  3. I have a Flying Wings Acrobatx but somehow misplaced its manual. Now I can't for the life of me figure out how the wingtip tension is supposed to work. There's not a notch at the wingtip end, only a plain rod with a rubber end cap. Pictures of the assembled kite show the tension cord being held by the rubber cap, but that doesn't seem like it's secure enough. I'm also not sure how to adjust the bridle. There's no factory mark for the center position. Does anyone have a manual for this kite they can scan and upload?
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