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  1. Thanks Makatakam. That makes sense, the synapse is certainly lower spec than I was hoping so it being supplied with cheaper/coarser lines fits that bill. I’ll probably use the Quantum lines on both kites as less snags, tangles, and drag is always a good thing.
  2. Hello All, If anyone can share some line knowledge with me I'd really appreciate it. The pics below are of the line sets that came with my Prism Quantum 2 and Synapse 200. According to the Prism website, both kites should fly the same lines (150lb dyneema), but the two sets I have seem totally different in feel and diameter. The Synapse set on the left are much chunkier and less smooth than the Quantum set on the right. Can anyone tell me which set looks more like the 150lb dyneema set? Thanks, Wayne.
  3. Many thanks for the advice folks, I really appreciate you taking the time. Any bridle adjustments I've made have been small and methodical and always return to neutral after flight, I learned that from reading these boards 😉 The sail is a little loose in the middle but the trailing edge seems okay. I did notice some play in the upper/lower leading edge connectors so I might try packing them out a little so they are snug. Anyway, I had the Nexus up again today with a deliberate "that's just how it is", mindset and it felt better. It was still shaking and flapping in a low-ish wind but
  4. Hello All, First time post for me although I've been soaking up the knowledge on offer since I discovered the site a few months ago. I've been flying a HQ Symphony Beach 2.2 for a little over a year and have been loving being dragged on my butt in high winds, coaxing it around the sky in low winds and just buzzing around in regular wings. There has been very few situation this thing won't fly. So a few months ago I thought I'd try my hand with a framed delta and maybe learn a few tricks and have a another kind of kite to play with. Enter the Prism Nexus and let the frustration begin.
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