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  1. Agree and part of wisdom is knowing to ask for help and advice from those with more experience and wisdom, till you know enough to give it to others yourself and the deep end where the bigger surf waves are is for those who built up the skill and strength to swim out there themself not to take shortcuts
  2. Still getting this This Content Isn't Available Right Now When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted. Go to News Feed Go Back Visit Help Centre
  3. Still very useful including your ' look up the post I made 10 posts up " comment. Thanks
  4. Easy Cjay. I missed the post where you listed the different kite brands probably as several came in at once to my email so was rolling down not all the way up. I have now looked back up the post history and seen it, Sorry I through you were referring to another thread hence asking about it. That was my mistake Not trying having a go at you, you guys have been very helpful not trying to upset you guys. I quoted you about the brand listing as there was some confusion when I got the email version then was looking for the posted version which had been edited, having replied in a h
  5. cjays original post emailed to me said, ' I think if I have to provide a safety disclaimer for this guide that I will probably just delete it, as a disclaimer isn't going to give anyone common sense that doesn't have it already. I think a HQ Symphony Pro 1.3 foil kite is a decent smaller frameless option for beginners to get going on. Gives a good feel, some similar basic turning controls, it doesn't pull too hard, and can be flown in decently stronger winds. It can be sort of fast, and when you crash the foil can sometimes turn inside out and twist the lines up so it is
  6. More info helps with better decision making, more so good sources for said info. Hence asking here then making the decisions based on that. You mentionend I had a whole section on kite brands by size with some details to compare. Can we have the link to that please? Also helps to cross reference info from different sources. Thanks for info about the symphony kites crashing, would be good to find out about other kits and brands. Can you sdd thst link to
  7. Just been doing that... See my thread I was looking at the 1.2 m Cross Air (Wrist Loops) The 1.3m BQ Symphony Beach 3 (Can come with Write loops or a bar (Bar about £17 more) or And the 1.3m BQ4 Fluxx Comes with Bar and can Get a kite killer strap... But look at the replies Ive been getting from those who know more than me/. If in the UK These are advice I got from Stores Thnx for your email with questions. To put it simple: all the kites you mentioned are OK for
  8. Thanks is there some sort of formula or calculation to equate them, ie 1.5m sport = 1 m powerkite? Also I tried to ask about wind socks and wind meters but it went a bit pear shaped and duplicated the, Was wording how useful these would be to start with? Which is better and which is the priority to have? Whats good and worth it? What s over kill and whats kak Whats needed and useful and bonus features, for both? How big should a wind sock be and how high up? And are the likes of ebay and Amazon wind
  9. How do I clear duplicate posts, the last one just continued sending then made a bunch of copies, tried to delete them but cant see where
  10. Are the likes of £10-£12 wind meters on Amazon/ebay any good? And which is more useful starting out, wind sock or wind meter. Also how big should a wind sock be the be useful and how long should the pole be in height. Any features to look for?
  11. ^Thanks he is my nephew and I certainly want him to want more but not get cocky like someone who gets an early win at poker tthen thinks he can handle it with the bad boys or 1 did a 2 foot surf now I can join the 20 year olds on the 10 footer :-)... Step by step learn to handle step 1 be fore 2 and 2 before 3 not 1 easy lets try 10 ... 🙂
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