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  1. I just got a ITW hydra and noticed the spars, I read that the focus kites hydra had skyshark and was curious why ITW chose the dynamics. If i have a problem ill probably just switch out to skysharks
  2. Dosent work for me either
  3. Hello all, name is Justin. great to be around other fliers even if it is just virtual. Ive been flying for about 20 years but not much for the past 10, (family of 4 kids take most my time, lol). I turned one of my hobbies into a carear so kites took the back seat to blowing glass. Still have a great love for taming the wind though. Not much of a kite bag, just some prisms. The E3, 3D, and just got a neutrino a week ago. Also have a premier nighthawk. Thanks for this forum and community! Justin
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