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  1. Thanks Frob and CJay, fantastic insight and just what I needed. I think I'll go with the KHK Skycraper (rebranded Widow NG). Can't beat the price and your point on spare/replacement parts is well taken. I've only heard good things about KHK customer service so I'll go that direction. Also, I am looking for some good pull, love hearing that its loud and especially like the idea of having a versatile, tough kite to learn on. I've read on other posts that people feel fine handing over the reins on a widow to a beginner, which is something I naturally do when at the beach with friends, so thats an
  2. Thanks, Zuul. Great info. Skyscaper is how I was leaning before finding this forum so thank you for confirming. Before I pull the trigger, I'm wondering what the difference is between it and the ITW Hydra which is still on sale at $112, or if others have recommendations. I read some good things about the Hydra and Kymera on here, but dont know enough to determine if those offer similar versatility with room to grow or if I should learn on something like the Skyscraper and graduate to the hydra, kymera or something else.
  3. Thanks! Looking forward to learning more from this community.
  4. Hi there, I'm a new member hailing from Charleston, SC and am seeking recommendations for a solid, versatile first framed delta dual line kite. Hopefully I'm using the right terminology there... I've been flying kites since I was a little kid, and have some experience with different framed kites (the Flexifoil psycho my uncle had many years ago comes to mind), but my experience is primarily with foils of all sizes. These days I'm essentially a weekend warrior, beach flyer. I absolutely love taking my foils out to the beach and getting yanked around in the sand or while out in the waves.
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