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  1. Good advice, going to try some choppy Colorado wind this evening!
  2. I currently have, and have flown a Rev EXP and a XX. I recently bought a Djinn MV but have not tried it yet. It became obvious when I was on the coast last October that multiple sails for varying wind speed is essential if I want to fly more often. My current plan is to try a few different brands while adding more wind ratings to my bag. If I find one I like more than others, I can go the set route. But, I must admit, collecting cool kites is part of the appeal for me...
  3. I appreciate the insight! You confirmed my suspicions that quad flying will not offer any relief from my inclination to choose hobbies that include an expensive “collector” element. But good to know I can pick what I like and get out there.
  4. Hello. I am relatively new to quad kites and as I watch tutorials and videos on this site and other social media platforms, it appears there are two primary quad flying “styles”; longer line precision flying with an emphasis on crisp compulsory maneuvers and shorter line freestyle with more slack line and body movement. My question pertains to the preferred equipment for each style. Aside from the lines, do more experienced flyers use a different sail for each style or do you choose the sail based on the wind and personal preference? The basis for my question is a general observation that many of the freestyle videos I see are from flyers using boutique kites like Djinn, Detox, Polo, etc... and many of the more pattern related flying seems to be done using Revs.
  5. Thank you for the welcome! I am new to the hobby/sport but recently discovered kite flying is a great activity to combine with my family's love for traveling with our RV. My home is in Monument, Colorado and my favorite camping destination is the Oregon coast. I happened upon the Lincoln City Kite Festival a few years back and was fascinated with level of control the quad flyers had with their kites. I picked up my first quad at a local hobby show and it sat in my RV until last summer. I now have about 15 hours of flying (and crashing, untangling lines, chasing the handles down the beach after leaving it leading edge up, chasing the kite sleeve down beach, etc...) under my belt. As a newbie, I appreciate the wealth of knowledge this community is willing to share!
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