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  1. not the slowest kite I have seen recently...
  2. edgerat

    Small Djinn?

    Also, glad to see the dual line has moved up the list!
  3. edgerat

    Small Djinn?

    1. How dare you. 2. WHEEEEEEEE kites are the best!!!! 3. Love yoooooooooo 🪁🤣
  4. yaaaaaas! If you use Chrome and take advantage of the "most visited page" homepage, hover over the amazon icon and you will see three little dots in the upper right, you can then paste JB's link above, then everytime you stock up you support JB and KL!
  5. All of the line I have is from Andy (OSK). I don’t have more than a handful of flights on them yet but they withstood the initial inspection by JB yesterday. I have a quad set arriving tomorrow from Theresa as well.
  6. exactly what I need, thank you very much!
  7. Looking for options in a trick kite that can do all the new and old school tricks (not that I can but I am learning) but, is on the faster end of things. Am I right in assuming that if a model is identified as good for team flying it is probably a bit slower?? I am not 100% on that, just something that seems to go hand in hand with a kite that is described as "slower" according to the maker. Does overall size of the sail have anything to help point me in the right direction or, shape of sail? Thanks! Isaac
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