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  1. 2 grams. Pretty sure that also works without
  2. I would say that even as a beginner / less frequent flyer you notice the direct change B Series - Djinn - Detox - B Series immediately. Especially when you play with different line lengths. But the most obvious difference is the immediate, clear leap in quality in the craftsmanship. Every time I set up my Djinn, for example, I am delighted by the small details (such as the end caps or the bridle). All my B Pro by Bazzer had to be restored in the meantime (LE, gauze).
  3. You are looking for something like this for 7 Bft ;-) Elphi Mesh 1000% The price is below a Polo. Or if you are interested in a like-new Rev 1.5 Xtra Vent, send me a PM.
  4. Me? Nope. I'm a fan of Pedro González (Los Hermanos Show Kites). They print in-house (in Spain) and not in China. I like that. Plus, the service is top notch and the prices are very good as well. Their new Detox 2021 costs 290,00 Euro. But there are some kite builders who have their sails printed through Polo. And they like the quality!
  5. Yep. I like the #72! It‘s a fine and precise MV!!
  6. I don't know if we can/could/should travel. If so... I'll be there too. ⛱️
  7. By the way, a big quad-line meeting is planned for mid-May (if COVID allows it). https://www.facebook.com/events/598194024165116
  8. I love the Djinn and the Detox. Both are really great Kites. Do you have the opportunity to go to the Brouwersdam? I'm sure you'll find a few pilots there who would be happy to let you test fly a Djinn/Detox.
  9. If you have two B Series, why do you want to make yourself worse? Why not keep the high standard? Especially here in Europe, there are very, very good alternatives to a Reflex XX, for example from Spain (https://esste.com/).
  10. Photo Summer: The right original Rev I (LE below) is a tractor. The one on the left is a Heinrich Hohmann Rev I and flies like a feather with little wind. Photo Winter: On the ground is a KQK Supervented Rev 1.5, built for strong wind. It builds up a lot of pressure. Above is a KQK 1.0 (both built by korvokites.de) - also a masterpiece: bigger, more sail area but much lighter and more elegant to fly.
  11. Durch die größere Segelfläche fliegt ein I evtl. bei weniger Wind als ein 1.5. Allerdings ist das ein Traktor. Ist auf jeden Fall ein anderes Fliegen.
  12. Oh dear... Lots of work and lots of new kites
  13. I would liked to have had the B Series bags. I do not have such yet ;-)
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