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  1. This is my Gaze ST in orange. It's waiting for wind between the asparagus fields...
  2. If you actually come to Leipzig, I will bring my Gaze. Maybe there will be a chance to fly it outside somewhere. But you are welcome to try it in the hall
  3. I had the opportunity to fly the Gaze Standard in Cervia. Nice kite - great price!
  4. Hi Tullo! It was nice to see you the days in Cervia :-) I had the opportunity to fly the gaze. I liked it very much. John said that at a Vented maybe will come.
  5. Interesting that you offer a " third-party " product. Especially a two-liner - or does that make more sense to round up your portfolio? I could not find much information (even on FB): What makes the Gaze so special or what makes it better? What is the difference to e.g. a Level One One or a CKD? Both have an excellent reputation. Is the Gaze a pure team kite or rather a trick kite?
  6. Frohe Weihnachten und ein paar erholsame und besinnliche Feiertage // Happy holidays
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