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  1. Maybe John can give you the measurements, you buy bridle cord and reknot the lines one evening in front of the TV. Is not so complicated.
  2. He gets around in the world. Today he was once on the Rhine in Cologne.
  3. Great Kite. Great Prize! In white and purple or blue. The photo shows the white/blue, right?
  4. In the webshop of KiteForge? https://kiteforge.com/product/sync-bridle-kit-djinn/ Or simply tie it yourself from bridle line?
  5. Not at all. For a beginner, it can sometimes be a little more challenging to start with a quad - which I personally have not experienced. If you watch all the excellent video tutorials by John Barresi (https://kitelife.com/video-tutorials/) or the videos by Joe Hadzicki (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPGoYYsZNoOIHIjpdTNkKgQ), then you already have a good basis for the start. It is even better if you have a quad pilot nearby who will take you along, teach you and let you fly a few different kites. For your first quad, a used one is always recommended for practice. Most used kites do not come with a line or handles (only the sail). For lines we recommend for the beginning: approx. 25 meter 90 lb (1kg = 0.5 lb = 1kp = 0,981daN) Handles gladly also used - but with knot ladder. For the sail it is important that you choose it according to your prevailing wind conditions/range. A sail can have different ventilations: SUL for little wind, Semi Vented for light wind with sudden gusts or XT for very much & constant wind at the coast.
  6. Hi :-) Metropolis Drachen in Germany have excellent service. You can call them anytime for help! Drachenmarkt is offline at the moment. Feine Drachen sells Quads from China for small money. Always the first address for entry into 4-line . There you can get a R2F package with handles and lines. Paddestoel in The Netherlands has a great selection, good service - but are always a tad more expensive. Korvokites from Germany builds you everything in excellent quality from 1-, 2- and 4-lines. One of my favorite kite builders! Space Kites from Germany is a very good manufacturer with a very good reputation - but long delivery times. Besides Polo from France there is also Los Hermanos from Spain. They build besides SLK still the excellent Detox. (Next to Djinn my favorite Quad). Finally, there is Thomas Horvath in Switzerland, who builds incredible zero wind kites.
  7. Great prize win! I fly only actually LPG because they are really excellent. Mine are from Vliegertak Kite Lines from the Netherlands - but it's good that Kite Forge now also offers ready-made sets. Then a Kite Forge Dog Stake could be raffled at the next draw, right? Christmas and so ...
  8. I ordered a Kap Rig there in May.Until today I have not received anything. First, the Dutch Post (which actually has a bad reputation) has allegedly lost the package. Now Peter (owner of kapshop.com) reacts very hesitantly to mails and Facebook messages. The communication is very poor. Supposedly a new rig is in the works. Pfff....
  9. Wow! But the chart is missing the wind values from the moment you decide to go flying and pack your stuff in the car. During this period the wind is "silky smooth". As soon as you get out of the car and stand on the field, your neighbour's chart is correct.
  10. Yes, they say this Barresi guy is quite good Check out the video tutorials section. As a subscriber you get access to all tutorials and they really help a lot.
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