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  1. Interesting that you offer a " third-party " product. Especially a two-liner - or does that make more sense to round up your portfolio?

    I could not find much information (even on FB): What makes the Gaze so special or what makes it better? What is the difference to e.g. a Level One One or a CKD? Both have an excellent reputation.

    Is the Gaze a pure team kite or rather a trick kite?

  2. @Exult

    The obvious: It's a Canard. Similar to the Prism Zero G. The Zero G has the option of trim. The Putz Arrow doesn't. But Chee Wan trims his kites before delivery.

    Actually, I don't like canards. I don't like the layout.

    In this case, however, the uncomplicated and easy-to-handle flight characteristics easily make up for this "flaw" for me. The Putz Arrow glides smoothly and elegantly. It is not agile/nervous but reacts well to impulses. My 6-year-old quickly understood and flew it after a short instruction.

    The assembly is quick and easy. The weight is 35g. The pack size is not too big, so that the Putz Arrow is also well suited as an always-on glider.

    I'm flying it indoors this evening and I'm curious to see how it performs there.

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  3. I have a few quads. A few "original" Revolution, some "replicas" (in improved version), a few Detox and three Djinn.

    The Djinn are by far the most flown quads. I like the colour design/layout, the quality of the craftsmanship, the innovative details and the flying characteristics.

    Another advantage is the always good helpfulness and support from @John Barresi. In the quad (!) sector, in my opinion, only Los Hermanos (-> Detox) are as great.

    Disadvantages? Hmmm... I don't know any!

    Difference to other quads? I mainly fly Djinn and Detox. Djinn on short lines. Detox on long lines. But that's more subjective and my choice is based on terrain and mood.

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