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  1. Sardonycus


    Is that white screen material?
  2. The fulcrum looks really cool. When you spend $400 on a Rev, you know what your getting. $400 on a fulcrum is kind of risky if you don't really connect with the kite. I'd love to try one before buying.
  3. Hey Niell G, thanks for the info. I'm really curious about the meteor, but can find zero information on it. It's probably the most inexpensive quad on the market right now. Is the sail flat or does it have more of a 3D shape?
  4. Every time I drive past it's empty and roped off. It was always open before.
  5. Yeah, it's mildly infuriating that parking on weekends is bad but there's this huge empty parking lot that's roped off.
  6. That huge lot right before the gate is always closed. 🙁
  7. Oops. Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, Ca
  8. Where's the best place to park at Shoreline when the parking lot is full?
  9. Just to clarify, the kit is meant for the Quantum pro. Sure, you can put them on a standard quantum, but no directions are given on where on the leading edge to place them or how to modify the sail to accommodate them.
  10. Yes, that actually makes sense. I ditched the tent pegs and got a prism stake which is a lot better. Gotta have the right tool for job. I keep an eye out for other flyers and usually go talk. I've met NateyLB and Zuul already. I usually try to go after work on week days to avoid the crowds. I do go on weekends too. I'll be looking for you 😉.
  11. I'm getting too old also. I have a rev power 2-4 that would work that is much safer because it's so easy to kill the power.
  12. LOVE my HQ Crossfires..Also the 8M Toxic is a sail to be respected..but those are all powerkites and INTENDED to move the flier in some form. True. I used it for a land board on the beach. The crossfire's are fun kites, but I'd recommend replacing the cheap HQ kitekillers. I NEVER let go of the handles so I never thought I would ever use them. When you're hovering 6 feet off the ground looking at the parking lot, you have to let go of the handles 😂. The kitekillers instantly ripped away from the wristbands.
  13. Yes, I have a 5 meter Crossfire that tried to kill me.
  14. You're right. The website calls them magic sticks.
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