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  1. Kent eventually comes through. In my experience he doesn't respond to emails very quickly, but then again I'm not exactly the most patient person in the world. I would order from him again, but would be prepared for a slower response than I would like. FYI - this was not a custom order. It was a stock blue color that Kent didn't have in the store.
  2. I ordered a Blast late September from them and Kent contacted me to say they didn't have the color I wanted. He said that he would contact Revolution to order the kite. 3 days pass with no update. Something didn't feel right with me about this, so I canceled the order. On Sunday, there was a kite box on my front porch from Revolution and A Wind Of Change. I opened the box and inside was a Blast the same color as the one I canceled 5+ weeks ago. It seems that I'm doing business with them again whether I like it or not! I sent Kent an email telling him that I received a Blast by mistake, and that I would be happy to return it to him. A few hours later, I decided to keep the kite and told Kent by email that the simplest solution would be for me to keep the kite and for him to rebill my credit card. He called me Monday morning and I paid for the kite.
  3. It seems that this is a thing now. Oddly, myself and 3 other quad flyers were flying in the dirt area yesterday evening and nobody said anything to us. Maybe it won't be enforced?
  4. I was there today and all seems to be well. Buggy guy was there and people were flying in the dirt area. Totally forgot about this spot. I think that I've parked there before a long time ago. It's small though.
  5. Oh no that's terrible. I wonder how it will be enforced? People have been flying there for a long time. I wonder if people are hitting the power lines?
  6. Sardonycus


    Is that white screen material?
  7. The fulcrum looks really cool. When you spend $400 on a Rev, you know what your getting. $400 on a fulcrum is kind of risky if you don't really connect with the kite. I'd love to try one before buying.
  8. Hey Niell G, thanks for the info. I'm really curious about the meteor, but can find zero information on it. It's probably the most inexpensive quad on the market right now. Is the sail flat or does it have more of a 3D shape?
  9. Every time I drive past it's empty and roped off. It was always open before.
  10. Yeah, it's mildly infuriating that parking on weekends is bad but there's this huge empty parking lot that's roped off.
  11. That huge lot right before the gate is always closed. 🙁
  12. Oops. Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, Ca
  13. Where's the best place to park at Shoreline when the parking lot is full?
  14. Just to clarify, the kit is meant for the Quantum pro. Sure, you can put them on a standard quantum, but no directions are given on where on the leading edge to place them or how to modify the sail to accommodate them.
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