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  1. Ill put em on tomorrow when i go out to fly. Excited to try. I feel silly for not trying them already... Thanks again!
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  3. Hello again! Quick question for ya JB. Would it be possible for you to create a slightly *shorter* version of your amazing Djinn handles? Ive got a vented Super Sonic and its SO much fun, but it comes with 11" handles. Last time i went out and really pushed it around the handles I was using had its foam let go and now slides around the length of the handle. Ive got several other sets, but far and away the djinn handles are the best. Now, to be honest, ive not tried them on the SSonic yet, was just curious if one set could be created at 11 inches. If would LOVE to get my hands of some of those. Hope we can work something out, regardless, Thanks buddy!
  4. If you do go with Rev, I may recommend spending time with a New York Minute (either full sail or single vent) and after you've got some time under your belt and you are no longer a "reactionary" pilot, *then* i would move to either a Blast or Super Sonic for your speed. Supersonic has more speed and less pull, Blast has heavy pull and decent speed but does come with extra frame.
  5. First flight of the Trilobite 10, happened to be Halloween, and was a smash hit with the fellow park goers!
  6. Hey Mitch, thanks for the info. Also just noticed on your profile banner that your in STL? Im only a few hours down the road in springfield! Ever near by, hit me up! Edit- just bought the storm force kit. Thanks again!!
  7. I was thinking the dead blow would not be good for the metal stakes. I’ll keep it for camping and get a smooth head long handled framing hammer. Thanks again!! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  8. Thanks! I’ll get this kit ordered in the morning. I just bought a dead blow 45g hammer for the big plastic stakes I first tried.
  9. Recently got bit by the single line bug, found fun 3d inflatable single lines, and pulled the trigger on a 5m bol. I am curious how to best anchor it. I do not know how strong it will be, it does not say what line test (rope?) I would need for it. I tried the search feature and read most of what I could find in regards to anchoring, but wanted to open up fresh thread for anyone to chime in and share their tips and trick for anchoring down bol kites to grass/firmer ground. I can use larger stakes there in my fly site since its not a sports field or anything. Anything will help. its been shipped and I have about a week to get ready before it lands. been flying kites (mostly quad and some dual lines) for over ten years, for quick backstory of exp.
  10. Ok, so after extensive testing today, I WAS able to reduce the sound a bit. By using 150# lines, B series Handles, Extra brake knot added to bridal, and added 3 wrap frame in addition to the black race frame. It was stiff, and much quieter. Took the 3 wrap leading edge out, and it was buzzy again, but honestly, after flying hard to day in nearly 20mph winds, I am going to count the sound as a feature, not a bug. At high speeds it sounds like fire. I used to spin fire poi for years and years and the sound made me feel oddly nostalgic. So im very happy with the single vent. The race frame is so snappy and fun! I really love that. Thanks for the tips! Dustin Also, the buzz doesnt feel like its from a lack of loaded sail. Its omnipresent.
  11. I had originally set up on the handles for the B Series that has the knotted leaders. I’ll try some more things tomorrow, going back out tomorrow. I’ll try to add more brake. I know the only time I could get my full sail to flap was during a super loose dive stop. I could not load the sail tight enough to stop it, even when the pull got string enough for me to have to really lean back to keep my spot. I’ll report back tomorrow after trying more things. So far I’ve tried 2 different pairs of handles, 2 line sets, tightened the bungee at the bottom, different frames (black race and 3 wrap) as well as a couple placement knots on the leaders. But I’m pretty sure I just adjust the top strings I’ll try the bottoms tomorrow. I also have a set of the pro leaders on order. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  12. Gotta tip my hat to Dave over at Kite Connection. [emoji1303][emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  13. Long time lurker, first time posting. <3 Been flying kites for about 10 years, and am a huge fan of quad line kites (revs in general). So I recently picked up a beautiful Black Rainbow, New York Minute, Single Vent from Dave (awesome dude) over a @kiteconnection and got to fly it for the first time this weekend. It flew like butter, but sadly, it sounded like a weed eater. Coming from my full sail Rev B series, which is silent as the wind, is a stark contrast to the rasping buzz on my new NYM. Nothing I tried could help tune it out. It seems to be the trailing edge, and it buzzes/ is flappy at *any* speed. It doesn't seem to affect its flight,cause it did fly really really well, I loved that it had muuuuuch faster reverse speed, and super smooth control. It just disturbs the peace. And its not a little, it a lot. It is pretty loud. I asked Dave about it, but he didn't know if the NYMs had a reputation be buzzy, but have found others talking about it online. Some buzzes, others silent, and others may only have it buzz on one side but not on the other. I am assuming its how the sail has been sewn. My question, is this a bug or a feature? Do you have a NYM single vent? Is it flappy? Did I get a loosely sewed sail? Am i just being silly or is this really a thing? Should I contact Rev, or possibly attempt an exchange with Dave, or just live with the noise? Not sure the best way to proceed right now. Thoughts?
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