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  1. JohnC

    Kite Flying Wind

    Frob, what would you say is the biggest difference between something like my Quantum 2.0 and a Benson and then a Quantum and a custom kite like Sky Sport Design?
  2. Soon after making the comment about track paper, I realized that probably won't make much difference. I too was wondering how you make your patterns. Sounds like a roll of drafting paper and drafting tools are the ticket.
  3. Face Book was how I found our local board gaming club after countless hours of searching the internet and store bulletin boards. However, I don't really use FB. While looking for kite patterns, I noticed that a lot of patterns are in German and French. Suspected that kiting might be more popular there. Will look at the German kite forum listed above. Thanks for the tip. Thanks for the kind replies.
  4. Would a printer that uses track paper work? I have one sitting in the closet.
  5. JohnC

    Kite Flying Wind

    My first kite was a single line parafoil from Into the Wind in Boulder Colorado. I thought it was odd that Boulder should have a kite shop, but it is an artsy tourist trap. I then purchased a Quantum 2.0 and Prism's littlest dual line parafoil. I might be getting a 4D for Christmas, who knows for sure. That 15mph day felt like a good day for the Quantum. However, a few days ago the 7mph day allowed me to work on stalls. I ordered 50#/50ft Spectra line for the Quantum and tried it out today. It feels like I am relearning how to do punch turns all over again. Not sure if it's the ne
  6. I hate to post anything negative about a forum, but I am wondering what happened to the traffic here on KiteLife. Looks like everything stopped about 2017. I ask because I got into historical table top board war gaming about 5 or 6 years ago and I shocked to have one of the members there tell me that, that hobby had just about completely died at one point. However, it is going very strong with the euro game explosion. Has kiting done the same?
  7. JohnC

    Kite Flying Wind

    Today in Oklahoma City, the wind has actually been around the fore casted 15 mph. I certainly don't want to damage a kite because I flew in too heavy of a wind. I am trying to find another field that hasn't been scalped because the bermuda at the nearby park has been rough with kite lines.
  8. I think every instructional video I have seen has the kite flying in wind so low that it doesn't show on film. I live far from a beach and the wind here is either on or off and it's off for only a handful of days out of the year. I was wondering how often do most people fly there kite near the upper end of the kite's rated wind speed?
  9. Hi guys, I am 41 years old and just getting into kite flying and excited about doing some of those tricks many seem to do so well and enjoying the view. Covid and the work from home has really pushed me into seeking a way of getting the family out of the house and doing something outside and together. I got my single line parafoil and my 5 year old with his PJ Mask kite and we went to the field nearby and loved it. Since then the wife has gone and also enjoys kite flying. Currently, I own the single line parafoil from In-to-The-Wind, Quantum 2.0, and a Synapse Cilantro.
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