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  1. I may be able to design and print these, I would need one to get the dimensions from or a accurate sketch with all dimensions and angles.
  2. If you guys let me know when and where I will try to be there. Ej
  3. Cotturj, do you know of any good wide open public places to fly in Chesapeake ? We have flown at the YMCA here which is pretty good if the wind is from south. Riff have you chatted with John lately, wonder if he is still flyin? Ej
  4. Hey Cotturi, I am in Currituck, and have flown with Riff ,, and a couple other local quad line flyers, I am hoping to meet up with them sometime soon to fly again maybe you can join us. Weather is starting to cool enough to where it it will be comfortable and fun. Ej
  5. First one I remember the name of was a Peter Powell Stunt in the mid 70's, had several paper 10-15 cent kites in 60's. They were all fun.
  6. Looks badazz to me,,, hope it flys as well. Ej
  7. I think it will look great , however I don't understand the process well enough to know exactly what's happening, anxious to see what happens next. Ej
  8. Hope lots of pictures and details are shown as the build progresses... Ej
  9. This one is mine,,,, anxious to see how it looks and flies ! Ej
  10. I have considered giving them a try also, be sure to let us know what you think if you try them ,,,. Ej
  11. Alex,,, I wonder the same thing,, OSK kites seem to be well received, and I also am curious how the windrider line which is made by the same company (Freilein) stacks up.
  12. The pleasure was mine , flying several of your great flying kites + a couple of Shook meshes + getting to watch and learn from you , Jim Cosca, and Eliot Shook all fly was great , especially for a newbie like me. Not to mention the pointers that I received from you guys. Yesterday and today were a blast. Ej
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