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  1. That's simply amazing! I cannot thank you enough for your help and support! The sketch is very easy to comprehend so that I'm preatty sure I can handle it. Have a good one!!
  2. Hi David!! Thanks so much for your help and for your time!! You definitely gave me many unknown info... I truly appreciated!! Anyway, as I'm totally new to this, I attached a pick of the Bridle where I added the final measurements I got from your reply, of those that are the critical sections to me... Distance between points: M to I (T centre to the cross of the tea bridle lines)= 584 mm O to I (from ULE)= 451 mm I to S (from LLE) = 584 mm Hoping I've got something correctly from your reply...Wainting to your replay to put hands on the replacement of the Bridle. Thank you!
  3. Hi! Thanks for your answer and your help! I really appreciate!! In attachment the pic of this beautiful kite. Of course the measurements I need are just for my personal use in my free time... Then if I get it right you will be able to write to me back no before then two weeks. I'm just saying that because I cannot wait to fly it again... Do you think you can understand what ITW sent me ( attached pic in my previous message) in order to guess the right measurements? Thanks again!
  4. Hello everybody! Can anyone help me concerning the Fabric measurements of the Bridle of the Kite in object? I have to make a new one by myself and as the kite had deleted marks on the previous bridle, I don't have any good reference. The only documents I received from INTO THE WIND is the one attached but, may be, due to my low experience, I'm not sure at all I get it right... Thanks a lot in advance! Gianluca
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