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  1. Wow, again a djinn. XT looks really interesting. Absolutly will fit in my Pocket 😄
  2. Ich drücke einfach die Daumen denn hier zu gewinnen aber danke dir für den Tipp. Werde ich bei Zeiten mal machen.
  3. Live in Hannover. Sadly no one here has one I could try I only tried a mid vtd last year in spo.
  4. Wow amazing price. Really can use this high wind kite. I heard great things about this djinn xt but getting one to Europe Is sadly to expensive for me. Whish there where some resellers in Europe or more precise in Germany
  5. Hey Guys, just looked trough the forum and some posts and stopped at the topic team flying. Well, looks like the link above do not exist anymore. Are these informations just moved in the revkites forum or are there no longer available?
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