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  1. I got the B Series about 10 years ago. I think the vented came with weights but I'd have to see if I can find them. I think they were meant to help with axels. I never got that far. I'm mostly trying to get better at the stop and starts for a clock rotation (I don't remember what it's called), ladders, and bicycles. (Not sure if that's what those are called either.) Axels are a bit beyond me right now. I might want to wait until I can get to York, PA to draw on the experience of the flyers there at STAP to help me on the journey. They've got quite an active group with a lot of good dual and quad flyers. It would be nice if we had that community in Upstate NY. (NYKE isn't that active in the Albany area.) In any case, it's just fun to get out there and fly - glider kites, single lines like the 61/49, duals, and quads. I like 'em all! (I'm thinking about the Blue Moon Ichiban but I could get two duals or quads for the price of the Ichiban.)
  2. Thanks, everyone! Quads seem to be more social than duals. It's not as fun to fly a quad by myself. I'm hoping I can find someone in the area to fly with. I DO know of a group in PA that's got some real good flyers. We have a friend there and I'm hoping that I can get there when COVID gets better (and I get the vaccine.)
  3. I mostly fly duals but I fly my vented or mid vent B Series when the wind is a little stronger than I like. I'm not great at precision but I'm working at it. I DO like the B series but I'm wondering if the newer quads have an advantage over the older ones. I like the look of the Djinn and the Los Hermanos but I'm wondering how differently they would fly.
  4. I have the 3D but I can't do much more than axel it. I've discovered glider kites to fly in very light conditions. The duals haven't been very fun mostly because my ticking skills are lacking for that kind of wind. I have a BMK 61/49, iFlite and Falcon Aero Designs (Doug Stout) Raptor 48F and Bird Of Prey 36. The 61/49 and Raptor are great for a very slight breeze with their long glides before they turn around. I wish I were better with the SUL duals but I don't usually have solid SUL type of wind to try and trick in. I guess I'll keep at it.
  5. I wasn't able to find R-SKy's web site when I Googled it. Thanks for the help! I've never had the success with the Nirvanas that others have praised it for but I do like to see then backlilt in the sky. I sold the standard and kept the HW, UL, and WW. The WW has so little mass that I have trouble doing much at all with it. The HW is somewhat trickable at the lower end of its wind range. I DO like the UL but it doesn't give away tricks like my Widow Maker Spider. I was thinking about giving the updated model a shot but I'm also thinking about a BMK M3 or one of Lam's kites. (Or a Horvath glider....) Too many decisions! I love all kites but the budget is limited by the more practical person in the home.
  6. I was curious about the newer Nirvanas and don't see them for sale. Can someone tell me if they're still making Nirvanas?
  7. I'd love to hear more about the magic angel. How long does it glide and how well does it turn? Does it climb well?
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