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  1. Perhaps the page is set to private? Link does not work for me. Neither does searching FB for “Portland Area Kite Flyers”.
  2. “For $5 for all day parking, I think Broughton Beach is a bargain.” For $40 you can get a Metro Annual Parks Pass that covers Broughton Beach, Oxbow, Blue Lake, Chinook Landing and the M. James Gleason Memorial Boat Ramp.
  3. Hello to the Netherlands! Hopefully we can visit there someday. Looks amazing. I too am in my 40's. But am always learning new things. Welcome to the forums. Ciao!
  4. Oh ya, I totally get that. It’s going to be a while before we attend any large gatherings for sure. At least being outside we can practice safe social distancing with small groups.
  5. Greetings everyone! Hailing from Portland, OR, I picked up a couple dual line kites a couple years ago while at the coast, which reminded me of my old dual line stunt kite from when I was a kid. I have recently been taking them out for more flying fun again, which has rekindled my interest in kiting and upon searching for more information online, I found this site. A few members here have already been very helpful in answering some of my questions in the forums, so I thought I should take some time to formally introduce myself. I'd also like to know if/when there are any local events happening, because generally I think that more kites = more fun! 😁 Take care ~ J
  6. hello, is this FB group nonexistent now? Can't find it.
  7. Well I’ve been reading up on your conversions, and a 2.2.4 does sound rather interesting... so maybe eventually but I think I should probably mess around with the stock version for awhile first.
  8. *sigh* Since I still can’t decide on which one to get I may very well end up getting both eventually. Nothing like having a full set, eh? 😝
  9. Joneo


  10. Good advice. I do want to be safe, but still have fun. Thank you 🙂
  11. Ah well I guess what I meant by "a lot of people... have modified it" is really that alot of riffclown's customers are flying his modified kites, based on the posts I have been reading on this forum! 🙃 Thank you all for the input! This helps to know that while there is a noticeable difference between the 2.2 and 2.5, it is not a giant leap between the two.
  12. Hello! I currently have a Symphony Pro 1.8 dual line foil kite, and am looking to get something with a bit more pull. Is there much difference between HQ's 2.2 and 2.5 Pro Symphony kites? I'm a small framed individual, about 145 lbs if that helps. I see a lot of people like the 2.2 and have modified it into a quad line kite; do they do this with the 2.5 as well? Thank you very much for your input. ☺
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