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  1. Congratulations to both winners and thank you John.
  2. Nice win Brian. Congratulations my friend.
  3. I only fly Revs, so I can't judge about other kites. My personal opinion is to pay a little more, find a JB Rev or a New York Minute (without the Reflex system), if you want to stick to a Rev. But keep in mind parts for older Revs like these become rare lately. That can be a problem later. The EXP is not bad, but also not a model that invites you to grow. Also keep in mind that different frame types (if still available) makes your kite fly very different.
  4. Congratulations Dave with this beautiful kite. And a big thanks to Yoyoing_p again for his nice gesture. 😀And of course also congratulate to you John. Living on a five minutes walk from the beach is a wonderful place for a kiteflyer. 👍
  5. Never mind John, as long as I didn't miss it. 👍
  6. Congratulations Fred Degley. Enjoy your winnings.
  7. Amazing, thank you Yoyoing. And Kite forge of course.
  8. Congrats Yoyoing_p, and enjoy your winning. 👍 And glad to hear you and your kid are ok John.
  9. First things first John. Take care my friend.
  10. We're not as greedy as we look John. 😄 Take your time.
  11. It flies nice. Reacts good on changing line tention. 👍
  12. I have a set of P90 and in my opinion it is the same as the race frame black. Perhaps even lighter. But let's talk about weight. I have been working with RC gliders for years. Here, too, every gram counts. But at some point it turns out that when you get a little more experience, the weight has less of an influence. I also notice that with flying kites. Of course it is nice when your kite weighs as little as possible, but when you gain more experience with the same kite, a few grams more suddenly no longer matters. Just my two cents though.😉
  13. Congratulations with your winning Brian. 👍
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