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  1. Actually it's simple, the list of quads is equal to the list of essentials. 😄
  2. Your list of kites is getting longer too, i see. 😉
  3. A lot of helpful people here, so feel like home and look around. If you have any questions or want to share things, you will see there is enough response. Have fun buddy.
  4. Hello Alcook and welcome. Not everything is virtual. 😄
  5. Am I right to say there is no vented strip between the kite and the leading edge? I know with low wind there will be no difference, but in higher wind I don't know.
  6. Very nice photo's my friend, the kite looks awesome.
  7. Ha-ha, well, it was a light wind and I kept my hands holding his hands most of the time, but he did surprisingly good. I told him it was the same as riding his bike and that kinda ring a bell it seems. The joy on his face was priceless. The only kites I fly beside Revs, are a Nasa wing 250 and a C-quad 3.2 and those are no option for beginners.
  8. Yes, there is a temptation is to say such a thing 😄, but I always prefer that they ask if they just comment. And often the thought behind such a question is not even that strange. I let the child I was talking about fly my kite (with my help of course) and he enjoyed it visibly. Isn't it wonderful, if you can convey this like this? Hopefully he will be just as interested in a few years and will also buy one or more kites.
  9. The most important thing is that you enjoy what you are doing yourself John. 😉 Do what you like, not what other people like. Cheers mate.
  10. Both look stunning. I really like that custom printed sail and the Detox looks very "clean". Excellent choice.
  11. 🤣 How wonderful. But who can blame them? I know people who never saw a 4-liner in their life. And when you get to talk to them they also think we are only preventing the kite from crashing and have no idea we are able to fly it wherever we like. But I love some reactions very much.
  12. Nice experience. I had several like: "Aren't you a bit too old to play with kites?" or "Do you realize you are flying in a nature reserve?" 😉 And sometimes the mood changes from "Ohhhh" and "Ahhhhh" to "How hard can it be?" in a few minutes. Normally I avoid crowded places, but sometimes a nice moment presents itself, when a kid on the beach after watching a while asked me: "Where is the motor?" People are amazing.
  13. All problems with customes and delivery aside, the post seem to think shipping is cheap. I can't speak for other countries, but in Holland it's more wise and cheaper to make the ride yourself. It's only the lack of time to do so. And in riffclown's case I can imagine it's a load of his mind when the kite finally arives.
  14. I pray it will work out for you Riffclown. It always gives me a helpless feeling when handing stuff over to the postoffice. I had the same experience twice, but fortunately not with valuable things. Wishing you luck.
  15. I really don't doubt your argument in any way Edmond. I only know John from the videos on YouTube, but he is a hell of a Master kiter, and not only with four lines. 😉 And when the moment is there i am sure to try both of them. Thank you for your advice and substantiation. I really appreciate it.
  16. Hello Edmond, A good kite is one that meets the buyer's expectations i.m.o. There are a few things to consider when buying a kite in America. Firstly, there are import duties and taxes, which together add up to a third of the price. (20% tax and 10% import duties) Both the Detox and the Revopolo come from the EU, so you do not have high surcharges on them. Second, the Revopolo and Detox both look good. And thirdly, most spare parts of them are easily available here, should something go wrong. For example; i ordered two green race frames (not the travel ones) in early December, and am still waiting for delevery. So it's NOT i don't want to buy something in America. I haven't come across any Djinn or Bazzer here yet, but our kite shops are closed due Corona for three months now, so I haven't really been able to orientate myself. I prefer to take a Revolution, they are simply available here, but those are only ligh wind or the new (Reflex) models and I don't want them. Yes, and then the choice becomes a bit limited and you have to look for something else. Hence my search. I know nothing about the quality of these kites, that is why i ask here. The reason why i prefer a older type of Revolution is because i know those are of good quality and meet my expectations. But since those are no longer available here, I'm looking for something similar. These are my considerations, but of course I cannot speak for everyone. Sorry for any language errors btw.
  17. Vielen Dank Bunduki Vlieger, I am still in doubt what choice to make. Usually there is no wind, or you have to put out an anchor to stand and i I am well equipped for little wind, so in that case the Polo comes well vented. But i still have a month or two to think it over.
  18. Have any of you ever tried a Revopolo? They sure look great and for 330 euro colorized. I have never seen one in real life though.
  19. I made a few myself too, but i do think you need a Rev frame to make it fly good. In one i used Skyshark P90 and that works also very good. All together it is almost the same price as buying a Rev, so it is mainly a hobby. 😁
  20. I am looking forward for this. If possible i will be ther for sure. Thank you for letting me know.
  21. Brouwerdam is the place I fly most of the time, though I have a perfect spot near my place. But I am sure these kites suit me better. I briefly considered buying a super Tarantula, but given my experience with the RX I skipped that idea. Sometimes there is a Rev meeting at Brouwersdam and I will ask if there is anybody so kind to let me fly one of the kites.
  22. Me too. I had a little chat with Mr. Hadzicki (Revolutions in Japan! Super Masters Take it to the next Level! - YouTube), but it don't look they are taking the older models back in production again. I had an RX, but trade it for an old B-serie because it didn't fly as I like. Now i am not a huge fan of the reflex system, but that can be just me. I am very disappointed they stopped the production of older models, so I guess my next kite will be a Detox or a Djinn.
  23. I have a few Revolutions and if i get this EXP within three weeks, i will compare the rods with the ones i have with labels. And i do have a 3 wrap too, so it will be possible. I am only not sure if this guy will still willing to sell the kite, because it's still on sale for two weeks. Nobody is interested though. We'll live to see. 😉
  24. Thank you oapbillf, I do have a 3 warp frame, so i can compare. If true, i bought myself a cheap old Rev. 🤓
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