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  1. Thank you Edmond Dragut for the post and thank you for coming to see the collection and sharing your knowledge and experience with us! I will be posting pictures soon. If there is anything specifically that someone wants to see, please msg me.
  2. Thank you all for your advice! I do have some one coming this weekend to look and take first dibs. If there are any left, I will most sertainly take pictures and “bait the hook”. 🤣
  3. Hi kite community! I have recently come into ownership of a lot of stunt kites. From old to new and from small to large. I have 3 bags of kites that I want them all to find a happy home and be used and appreciated. If there is anyone that is looking for more information or interested in purchasing any of them please get in touch with me by email at xxxxxxx. I have way too many to list or post pictures of!
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