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  1. About a year ago I was on here looking for people who would help me with my collection of kites. I finally have a list, not a complete list because I have a couple more that I am trying to figure out what they are, but will be putting them up for sale as well. I am looking to sell these kites but I do not know the value of them all. I have had some people interested, but then when I come up with a price they are not interested anymore. I am not necessarily looking for top dollar but I don’t need to be ripped off! Most of the kites are new or in “like- new” condition or I have some old kites that I have been told the right collector may be interested. Please help and be honest. I have pictures or can get pictures to help… I want to find a happy home for them all.

    The list:
    Beamer 3
    Symphony 1.4
    Thunderfoul 2 2.4
    Spectra Sport Kite 6 stack
    New Tech
        New Jam
        Tango II 
    Flying Wings
    Hawaiian Team Kite
    Silver Fox Std 2.5
    Alpha +
    Flex Foil Power Kite - 090768  Orange/Black
    Flex Foil Power Kite - 9060764 Pink
    Top of the Line Sport Kite
        Adrenaline - Black/Red/Purple
        Adrenaline - Black/Purple/Blue
        Adrenaline - Black/Yellow/Orange 2 stack
    Thanks in advance everyone for your help!
  2. 11 hours ago, Edmond Dragut said:

    ok boys and girls some good and some so and so news. Without not to much background of the flyer and without to try in any way to offend the memory of a friend seeing the collection I felt one of two. Or the flyer was a kite hoarder who buy new and old school kites ore what was shown to me are(I incline to believe more this theory) the kites what was not by the flyer taste or not connected to then. Why I say this? All the kites old school and new are on excellent condition, most of them still have the tags and some to non showed to be flied. Prism, HQ, New Tech kites and old school without names. Taking them of from the sleeves I had the sensation to be the first time when they see the light, except some sand grains in some of them they seams just opened and putted back in. All kites have sleeves, some originals some not 

    lets start with what I remember to identify for sure:

    a Rev II ripstop and maylar but without any logo (I assume an early production or prototype) excellent condition with a strange sleeve  

    two 6 fits flexfoil  with some sail color fading just because of passing time (characteristic to this kite), 1.2 synapse, 2.4 tensor, 3.0 Beamer(handles, lines and stake). All foils are crisp like they just left the sewing table and that characteristic smelt of new. 

    a Silver Fox, 3 or 4 Adrenaline, Flashlight, Quantum. After the fact I realize Quantum may be one of the special editions(worth checking). yin and yang Wolfgang Siebert design

    there are another 3-4  brand name kites what I will not mention because need to be checked for real value and for sure some more what I forget the names 

    At all this add another 30+ no name old school kites with wing spams from 45 to 91 probably hard to non chances to be identified, a stack of 10 old school nexus dimensions but no name.

    Line sets ? I do not count them but are 40+ for sure, some LPG, some old braided dyneema  and 2 or 3 Kevlar, from 80 to 150 Lbs  on 80 to 100 fits all with winders and straps, 2 quad line handles 13 and 15 inches

    I will end this with an Prism roll on bag on good condition and a duffel kite bag probably 6 fits long. 

    If the owner at least to ones enumerated here, will take the time to post them I am sure they will find a new home instantly 

    Thank you Edmond Dragut for the post and thank you for coming to see the collection and sharing your knowledge and experience with us! I will be posting pictures soon. If there is anything specifically that someone wants to see, please msg me.

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  3. Hi kite community!  I have recently come into ownership of a lot of stunt kites. From old to new and from small to large. I have 3 bags of kites that I want them all to find a happy home and be used and appreciated. If there is anyone that is looking for more information or interested in purchasing any of them please get in touch with me by email at xxxxxxx. I have way too many to list or post pictures of! 

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