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  1. Silly question. What’s the difference in just regular nylon kite line to Dacron. I’m confused by the pound of line needed. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong. For instance, when fishing, maybe use 10 pound test for anything under 10 pounds. I flew a cheap kite today on a very cheap 8 pound mono fishing line which I know isn’t ideal, but it did fine. Why would I need 40, 80, or even 300 lb kite line? Does the lb represent how much weight/pull it will withstand as it does in fishing line? I’m confused. Surely there are no kites out there that will pull 80 pounds or even 500 pounds of force. I have to be overlooking something. Please help educate me.
  2. I bought a kite reel from Walmart, and it was great until it broke the same day I used it. What do you recommend? I’m just looking for something that won’t break. I’m guessing a kite would fly better if I use a specific kite line. Any recommendations for line?
  3. Does the length or weight of the tail play into the stability of the single line kites?
  4. I’m not aware of any kite shops in this area. Although that is a great idea. I didn’t mean to be so vague. I live in North Carolina and for the most part, surrounded by mountains. (Not sure if that makes a difference in the type of winds we get) I would say that the majority of days here at home, there is not enough wind to fly a kite, but sometimes it can get quite windy. (I know still vague, but I don’t know how else to describe it) I was thinking about the Prism 140 Parafoill, but I’m not sure if that would be a good fit. I’m not sure if I want a kite that I would have to be constantly “driving”. Maybe a kite that I would be able to still maneuver around just a little bit in the air, while stable enough that I could just hold the strings in one position and it be on “auto-pilot” (if the wind isn’t shifting too much of course)
  5. Could y’all help me with figuring out the best kite for my situation? I’m looking for a kite that can be flown in the backyard that I could have at least a little control over. I was flying a cheap Walmart type kite recently, and I didn’t have much control over it when it would take a dive. I was able to keep in the air for the most part, but it wasn’t easy. Is there a type of dual line kite that would give me more control and stability? I’m not really looking to do loops and things with it. I just wanted more control over it while flying. Thanks for your help.
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