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  1. Thanks Gammoray, I set it up with the spar next to the sail. Not an problem that it's not a Gomberg, it was free and it works. Looks like a decent copy.
  2. The helix spinner given to me by my local kite shop, not sure if it's a Gomberg or a decent copy. The SLK is my ITW Delta Conyne 20210724_144653_1.mp4
  3. Don't remember the kite, but definitly had the rubber band plane.
  4. I posted in the advert section I am ISO a Gomberg Helix Spinner. Last Monday I stopped by my local kite store (Kites and Fun Things, John T.) and picked up some new line and we got talking, I asked about line climbers (poppers) and the helix spinner. John said he might have something and then grabbed a little blue bag off a rack in the back of the store, it was a popper with a couple of spars that had came loose from the base. He then grabbed another item from another rack that looked like the helix spinner, he wasn't sure if it was homemade or not. He said he was tired of it getting in the way so he said if I wanted them I could have them. I glued back in the spars back to the base and will give it a try with the next good winds. The helix will also need some good wind to to try it out. Here are some pictures of the helix spinner, can anyone tell me if this is homemade or a Gomberg item. The long cross bar is a 48" 3/8 wooden dowel and the two small end spars are a fiberglass type material with proper looking end caps. Also which side of the wooden dowel should the white spar be on, one side was like in the picture and the other was on the other side of the dowel? I have also found a source for a 48" long 3/8 fiberglass rod to replace the wooden dowel but not sure if I should or need to. Went to the park this afternoon and gave it a try. Winds were 10-12 mph. Sorry for the shakey video, yoyo in one hand and phone in the other. 20210724_144653_1.mp4 Thanks
  5. View Advert Gomberg Helix Spinner Looking for a Gomberg Helix Spinner in New/used good condition Advertiser Outlaw Date 07/19/2021 Price Category Accessories Brand Model
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    Plymouth, Michigan - US

  7. New to SLK as well, I happen to see the storm force anchor system on line before I saw this post. I have anchored to the hitch on my Jeep a couple of times but thought it was worth a try. I decided to make it myself with 2" aluminum angle, I bought a 1/4 inch U bolt and 12 galvanized spikes (the one that comes with the storm force are 13"). I made it 14" long and drilled 5 holes opposite the anchor point and additional 2 on the anchor side if needed. I was out this past weekend and the winds were 9-10 mph, I put up a Power sled 24 with a couple of Tails. The pull was easy enough to hold with on hand on the yo-yo, I had already set the anchor so just clip in and sat back and let it do its thing. After about an hour of fiddling with other stuff I brought the sled in packed it up and did a final check on the anchor, it was still solid on the ground. I was so pleased with it I made two more when I got into work this morning.
  8. My adult addiction to kites started in 2013 while I was on a vacation in Nags Head NC. We had rented a beach house and I found my way to Kitty Hawk kite store, bought a Prisim Quantum and a Snapshot 1.9 speed foil. I took a break for a few years but have come back with a vengeance, still have the original kites plus 5 quads, 1 quad traction kite, 6 dual line and 2 SLK.
  9. Mebeatee, To late, I've been looking for an Airbow. Thanks 🙂 khsidekick, I am waiting on the second one, John ran out of cross spars and they are due in next week. It's bought and paid for a blue one though. I have seen the Djinns and they look nice but i'm saving my pennies for the new Fulcrum .85, it's suppose to be a speed demon.
  10. Edmond and Khsidekick, Thanks for the replys, in all honesty I haven't given the Revs a fair chance. I tend to jump in head first which is how I ended up with 3 Rev's in less than a months time and now 2 Fulcrums. I will put the EXP in the closet and pull it out on the 4th of July (it's red, white and blue) and keep the other two on the bag. John was great, looked over the setup, then took it for a flight, got to watch his hands and see how the kite reacted to his inputs while he explained.
  11. This past Wednesday was my first flight of the Fulcrum (standard version), all I can say is WOW! I am a beginner in the quad-line framed Kite world, my only experience is with a Prism Tensor 4.2 and a new Rev XX Which I have been struggling with. We have about 10-15 pilots gather every Wednesday at the local soccer fields and fly if weather permits. This past gathering looked sketchy, the rain had just past and almost zero wind. As we were hanging out the wind started to pick up, by the time I got the Fulcrum set up the winds were close to 15 mph. I was fortunate to have John Trennepohl with us so he checked my line setup and gave me a few pointers and off I went. With a flick of the wrist and I was in the air and at a stable hover, after a few minutes of getting used to the controls I was flying forward, in reverse, inverted and doing dive stops. One of the coolest things I was doing was landing the kite then stepping forward a couple of steps allowing it to fall backwards then with the lines slack the kite will start to float up off the ground, at about 8' off the ground I stepped back and pulled back on the top lines and off I flew. With the winds up were they were the kite had a good amount of pull and adjusting the leader lines did help the surges when the gusts came up. The quality of the kite is very good, all the hardware is tight and secure, the stitching looks even and the frames (std & UL) fit snug, evenly cut and finished well. The sail when assembled is taunt with no soft spots. Even the printing is good and sharp. It comes with a sleeve that is large enough to hold the kite with both frames in the main pocket and a smaller pocket for the lines, handles and ground stake. I can say that I came away from that evening feel good about about the kite and advancing my flying abilities. I was so happy with it that Thursday morning I ordered a vented Fulcrum. I now need to decide what to do with my Rev EXP, XX and XX Tarantula.
  12. I enjoy talking with him and looking forward to his guidance with this new Kite, once he gets to know you he opens up. He also mentioned that to me last Thursday, but no release date. I'll see what I can find out this Wednesday. I did see a prototype he had at the field a couple weeks back, no real wind to speak of so it didn't get much air time but it looked smaller. I was struggling with my Rev XX so I didn't get to spend time looking at it. Turns out the bridle on the XX got flipped around to the back side and didn't realize until I got home and compared it to my XX Tarantula. I'll keep you posted.
  13. I went into the store on Thursday and talked with John Trennepohl more about it, he had all the color sails to choose from. I wanted one with some contrast between the two colors to help with orientation. He's said to give him until Saturday and it would be ready, he needed to finish assembling the bridle, wing spines, cross spreaders and stand offs. To my surprise on Friday afternoon I got a call it was ready, couldn't get there fast enough. I got this with both frames, Standard and Ultralight. The stand offs you asked about are 7.125" long for both front and back. How long are yours? After he was done going through assembly and disassembly we sat down at the computer and showed me a bunch of videos of him and Carl in Italy. I was there for about an hour. Hope this helps. Frame Specifications Outside Leading Edges Sky Shark p200 Main Uprights Sky Shark p90 Center Struts with T 4mm (0.156) carbon tube Middle Battens 3mm (0.188mcr) Main Middle Spar XLS 32.5"/82.5cm (UL frame Nitro Lite) Stand-off - front side 0.125" fiberglass tube at 71/8"/180 mm Stand-off - back side 0.156" (4mm) carbon tube at 71/8"/180mm Bridle 200lb spectra core bridle
  14. I bought myself an early Father's day gift, a Sky Burner quad-line Fulcrum. I have been looking at them for a while and it really intrigues me. I also have the advantage of being 15 minutes from Kites and Fun Things store and the owner John Trennepohl who worked with Carl Robertshaw in developing this quad. We get together with a group every week and fly at the local park. I have been flying a Rev EXP, XX and XX Tarantula (still working on the basics). I also have a Prism Tensor 4.2 power kite if I'm looking for a good workout. I put aside most of my dual-line kites for now and focusing on my quads Looking forward to getting out with it this weekend, weather permitting.
  15. I am going to get out there on one of those days. I live about 20-30 minutes away. Looks like it will be in the 90's but no rain.
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