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    just getting started in quad line kites
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    Camano Island, WA
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    Would love to meet up and learn from some of you all.

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  1. I also fly at that park!
  2. Of all the things my neighbor flagged me down on my way home from work. He and his wife stopped and told me the Secretary of the state kite association told them over the weekend I had signed up. They both fly and make quads. They offered to show me the ropes and try out a few different kites. They also gave me some connections and gave us some campground tips for the the kite festival in Long Beach this summer. I don’t know who was more excited me or them. Either way I am great full for all of the comments and how open the community seems to be. Could not ask for nicer people. cheers! Jerry
  3. So I am considering getting a quad Kite and want to know if you have any tips for purchasing one? what brands do you have experience with? what would you have done differently? do you have a suggestions for first set of handles, line? any brand, models I should avoid as a beginner? I see many started on the first Revs but I see mixed reviews on the newer models like the XX. love to hear what the experienced flyers have to say. Thanks for replying!
  4. someguykiting

    The 72's

    I'm digging that Air Force Design. is it full sail or vented in the lighter area?
  5. looking forward to meeting people in this group. I am new but looking for a few people to go fly with.
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