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  1. I managed to find a pro 2.2!! I think I will just fly it as a 2 line for now and watch to see if HQ releases a new batch sometime soon. If they do I would buy one of the new ones. As for learning a quad I like the idea of a foil more than replacing spars. I'm still so new to all of this that I don't know what I don't know but I'm learning. May end up getting a 2.5 just to have one.
  2. Hello to all. I’m in my mid 50’s and have loved kites since I was a kid. I don’t fly very often but enjoy going out with my son and his family to fly kites. I have several single line kites, a quantum and a hq symphony 1.8. A few years back I was flying powered paragliders so than should count as a really big kite. Hope to learn from others and get back outside more. Denis Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  3. Hello all. New here as well. I only have the pro 1.8 and have been looking everywhere for the pro 2.2 and 2.5 but can’t find them anywhere. Anyone know of a source that has them in stock? Hoping to do the quad mod. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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