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  1. Ok, I just got back into the joy of kites a few years ago. Like many, my first kite i remember flying was the Gala sky spy and bat kites. Probably not the first kite I tried to fly but the first kite that I actually flew! Few years back I bought a kite for my daughter as a decoration for her room. Kind of a 3D head on it and very colorful. I took it out with her to try it out just to see how it would fly....?...hard left and crash. Oh well. Fast forward a few years and a trip to the Oregon coast. Found the New Port kite store. My daughter liked the dragon kite Beauty. I ended up th
  2. I don't know if George Peter's is still doing kites. I think it was an ITW executive anyway. I'm sure it cost too much now to make because of all the individual cloth pieces and stitching involved. Unfortunately kite flying is a dying art/pastime I'm afraid.........even on the coast. I did buy the grand kids the 3 styles of ITW dragons with the sun, moon & dragon for there trip to Lincoln city coming up over the fourth of July. I hope to get them into the kite game early. The dragons have a light pull and dance so nice that it keeps things interesting. They like my beauty & beas
  3. Beast does "pop" more than beauty in the sky. I will say the both look good though, especially together. Our Beauty is a slightly better flyer than Beast for some reason. Every once in a while he will take a hard left and come down if you don't catch it in time. I don't know where you fly but I don't think beauty getting dirty would be a problem for you. If you want one of these I would get it while you can find her now. Glad to hear they might make another run of Beast. I'm wanting/looking for a George Peter's twin tail dragon myself. John
  4. The ITW Beauty & Beast dragon kites are very good kites IMHO. I bought the Beauty kite first for my daughter to fly at the Oregon coast a few years ago at the kite store in Newport. It was so nice to fly that I went back the next day and bought myself the Beast. I would also like the Cobra to finish out the trio. I was lucky to find them. They are what got me back into the joy of kites again. Good luck to you finding one. John
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