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  1. This is what to equip my kite bag😜😜😜 Thank you very much, can we see in mp for the delivery address? 🤔 😂 😂
  2. Wonderfull😍😍😍 djinn one day djinn forever😁😜
  3. When I say 3 hours it is of course marked with breaks .... I don't have the stamina for that😁 and I take the time to analyze each flight🤔😜
  4. Hello everyone. Thanks to your advice and a lot of work, I finally made my first reverse slide. It is not perfect but here is 3 hours of work and it is there. I still lose altitude from time to time, which I corrected so early but I have the trick .... Thank you for your answer 😁😁😜
  5. Hello, if I was walking I was doing it subconsciously. Because for me I found it easier to apply the right tension while remaining fixed. I can do it very well in both directions, but adding a rotation of 180 in between. Impossible for me for the moment to do it without this rotation. But I think I'll practice on small slides instead of wanting to go through it all at once. 🤔 🤣 Little by little ... Thank you for your advice, which I take with pleasure😁
  6. Yeaaah thanks for these videos. Indeed nothing beats work, patience and more work. I know what I have to do now lol. As for the figures, where could I find some sort of list with explanatory diagram? I know what you are going to tell me in due course, but I discovered the reverse slide completely by chance, and this while working my rotations😂 See you soon sportingly Stef
  7. Thank you for this info. The window of ve t is more than respected because like that I have the necessary tension. Regarding my lines I have 45 kg for 25m long. My environment does not allow me any taller. I even wonder if shorter might not be better for me. 🤔 The hardest thing for me is to start from left to right ... You will tell me normal, you are right-handed .... I will continue to work over and over again ..
  8. Thank you for your reply. Indeed the only secret is the practice. Reverse hover has been a success for me on both sides since this am. I may have found the secret😜 I will take your advice and try the same thing over a short distance. I also practiced on the clock. High position OK left position OK, low position OK, and the drama approaches because when on the right the kite falls like a stone. If I do it the other way around same problem on the left ... it's pretty frustrating. Stef
  9. Hello everyone. This am I tried reverse slide. I understood the principle very well on the one hand but impossible to do it on the other. Leading edge to the left I turn 180 degrees and let slip until I find myself in reverse. So here I am, leading edge down, sailing from left to right. Once I get to the right when I try the impossible return. The kite falls. If once I get to the right I turn 180 degrees again the reverse slide is OK for me. Could you explain to me why? Thank you
  10. Thank's a lot... Actually I am in my car because I see a snake😱 I hate this animal🤣🤣🤣
  11. Merci pour votre accueil, nouvel utilisateur depuis 15 jours.... J'adore le kite 4 quad😜😜😜 Un petit bonjour depuis la France
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