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  1. Stunt Kites back then -- Flexifoils, Rainbow Stunt kites, Trlby's, Hawaiians, Hyper Kites -- these are the Stunt Kites that started it all plus major competitions -- as for inflatables -- Doug Hagaman Parafoils were the best -- those were the golden years of kiting !
  2. Here's what we were flying back then -- I'm the guy with the Canadian Flag Rainbow Stunt Kites -- This stack was the last custom job that Steve Edeiken started before he passed away -- his wife Cindy Edeiken finished the stack and brought them to Columbus to me -- Hope you can see the picture -- had to resize it down from 10 mbs to under 3 -- Thomas Kowalchuk in Sooke, British Columbia, Canada Whiffenspit@Gmail.com
  3. My store was in Market Square -- I was the only kite store in Victoria and there really has not been one since -- I'm in my 70's now and do not fly much at all -- Sooke is a crappy place to fly kites -- really no good sites here at all -- beaches are rock & barnacle -- Harpo's -- that brings back some memories -- as for Talking drums guy -- never heard of him and I've lived here for 22 years -- TK
  4. Hi Folks -- My name is Thomas Kowalchuk -- I owned The Victoria Kite Store in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada from 1980 to 1992 -- was heavily into Stunt kites -- Rainbow Stunt Kites -- Flexifoils -- and Hawaiians -- I was Don Tabors first International buyer -- also Steve Edikens Rainbows -- Was also big into single line kites -- loved Doug Hagamans Parafoils -- that's about it for now -- Keep The Wind At Your Back
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