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  1. View Advert 11 foot Ghost Looking for 11 footer in good to great condition. Color could be red, black or white. Advertiser RCH Date 11/01/2021 Price Category Kites (Single Line) Brand Gomberg Model Ghost 11 foot  

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    Looking for 11 footer in good to great condition. Color could be red, black or white.


  3. Hi Brett, emailing you a person who might be able to help. He use to be in deep with strange slks. If anybody would know he would.
  4. Ah, the early 90’s... back when I did not even know about this addictive hobby. I was into motorcycles and fast boats. Now if you really want to blow some cash buy a boat ! Lol Bust Out Another Thousand. Makes this start up hobby look like a steal of a deal. At one time I did own both of these kites and they were both a 9 out of 10. However they were not made in USA or I would still possibly have them? I’m sure these are going in a collection. I try not to dwell on the Dark Moonie, it was a 10 and only flew it over cut grass. The kite was beautiful and sewing Ken does is worth looking at up close. I don’t know how he does it but the kite looked perfect to me. Somebody probably has this kite on this very forum? I can’t remember who I sold it to? I’ve ran through some high end and low end kites in the last 15 years. They all were fun, I have to give a hat tip to the forum that’s now gone with the wind. A lot of great kites changed hands there.
  5. Was just curious if anybody else on here was watching the vintage USA made prism kites on eBay this week? I started out on HQ and Prism and still like both today. The first one I started watching was a Illusion 2k in fantastic sail shape for its age, seller started bidding out at 150. Watched for a week and end bid was 355 with 21 shipping to boot ! I was pretty amazed at that end bid and happy for the seller. However he put another up that ended this morning, this was the sleeper. It was another vintage USA made Elixir also started at 150 bucks. This one was broken, had smashed leading edge. One would think the broken Prism would not go beyond the 2k. Wrong .. final bid on USA Elixir 594.00 and 25 to boot on shipping ! I immediately started kicking myself for selling two of those limited edition Blue Moons I once upon a time owned. One was a Dark Moonie std. of the original 20 he made. > Ouch !
  6. Hello everybody, I use to fly almost every week and stepped out of it for several years and two or three operations later getting back into it. In that time I’ve found out so many of my favorite places have shut down and forums no longer there. Found out on this forum as a guest R Sky shut down sport kite manufacturing. I’m still shaking my head at that one and having trouble making it compute. Nothing stays the same I did not expect this much change in a few years. However I’m glad this place is still here I have a lot of reading to do and catching up to do. My favorite is sport kites but also like power kites, slk’s also. Thanks for the welcome John.
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