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  1. Great info…does he still produce them in some manner?
  2. Took a crack at my first diy kite project and finally got to fly it today. Worked great! Special thanks to user @Outlaw for a bunch of pictures and measurements. without those this wouldn't of been a success. HELIX 2.mp4
  3. Sounds good to me! One thing I will say…is rather not send out a kite into the ocean because I “experimented” and lost. Are there line symptoms when they are under stress and I should pull it in ASAP? I think I read somewhere that lines can buzz when under to much stress and about to snap? Is this true and any other symptoms I should look for besides physical things like line damage before it goes up?
  4. Little confused, so I shouldn’t use over 200 pound line for line laundry? Why is that? What does it do that would make the bigger laundry “unhappy”
  5. Awesome thanks. That’s the impression I got I just didn’t trust myself 😳
  6. I’m just getting into some more complicated kites and have a few questions. I was originally in the market (still am) for a lifting kite like a foil. I have bought some tube tails that are 20 feet and the bigger laundry pictured below. Since I can’t find the foil I want I ran into a 10 ft ddc kite. The into the wind stratosphere see picture below. It says it can hold 6 tails but wondering if it will be able to do the tube tails and the laundry I bought. Also it’s recommended to use 150# line I have 200 and 250 is that’s a big difference in weight that would affect flying? Should I use heavier line with laundry or no?
  7. Man, I was hoping that one was legit as it seemed better. We’ll see what happens…
  8. View Advert Ultra foil 30 Looking for an ultra foil 30 anyone have one they want to part with? New or used is fine Advertiser jsockhouse Date 07/31/2021 Price Category Kites (Single Line) Brand Model Ultra foil 30  

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    Looking for an ultra foil 30 anyone have one they want to part with? New or used is fine


    , Delaware

  10. I recently just dug out a Parafoil I had since I was a kid and had a blast. I decided I wanted to give a bigger lifting kite a try with some laundry. Being new to quality kites i learned quickly there’s actually a lot of knock off websites selling the kites I’m looking Into(crazy) i purchased a kap 3.0 from here http://www.kapshop.com/Lifters-Kites/c75_3/index.htm anyone ever used them before? Orders still pending so just a littler nervous. I also bought an ultrafoil 30 before I knew about fakes from this website (https://kitesmall.myshopify.com) which seems alot more shady than the kap shop site. It does have returns and i used PayPal so not too worried about losing the money. Will anyway one be able to help verify if it’s a fake once I receive it? Thanks in advance!
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