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    Buka hata poly film bamboo only homemade
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    a kid didn't you
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    Fighter kite making. Mainly miniature versions of hata. Usually half scale. Like them fast and furious. Must spin and turn fast like micron

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  1. Well written. Couldn't agree more. That good spectra line sure is expensive. I use dyna ? Something because it's way cheap and not too stretchy for my dual line stunters. I use lightest weight linen or regular monofilament fighter line from India. A friend from there brought me back a large spool that will last a few life times. Have seen the glass impregnated line at the Indian kite festivals. Wow do they always leave the park looking like a trash dump site. Totally disrespectful and no f ing excuse for that. Let them trash their own place.
  2. Hey Black star. Been a while. How did the one turn out you made first? The La Virus seems like a pretty advance trickster. Looks about 8 foot. Made 2 that big. Both fly really different but in a good way. One is very twicky and over reacts which I like. Other more ballet and easy going. Added a flap of fabric along the trailing edge to make it very noisy. Lots of fun when the winds are high.Good luck with the build. Post a picture.
  3. It's actually difficult to make them that small that fly great. One out of 3 fly good. Super thin bamboo spine and even thinner cross spar. Mostly use extra thin mylar. Try making a few. It's actually pretty easy. All mine have a 3 point bridle to adjust it to spin left and right. Have Fun.
  4. Just remembered that dragon style kites fly better when stacked. Very little sewing so give it a try. It's going to fly great?
  5. That dragon kite is really easy to build and fly. It's got a spar across the horizontal attached to a pocket on the ends. Easy , just cut out a similar shape and attach the rod. Micro carbon or bamboo or whatever you can think of. Wood dowel,coat hanger wire, etc. The shape can be concave or convex. I'm sure you know from Dreaded Geometry. Better than Calculas based Statistics. Beat of a course. If it doesn't fly concave switch it backwards. No real rules in kite making and designing, except HAVE FUN! 🤗
  6. The tiny kites need a little bit more wind. 10 mph is enough. Super fast and spinny at 20+. I like flying them on shot lines usually but they can go up as high as you have string. Have a clear plastic fighter too. It's funny because you can't see it high up and people think you are fake flying nothing. Well I kind of act like I might be doing that sometimes anyway. What?
  7. Wow that is awesome. Wish we had surprise festivals here. I make my own quad handles out of tube aluminum. How is the sewing çoming along?
  8. Get what your point is. A time and place for everything. I don't actually compete to cut an opponents kite down usually. Glass impregnated string is quite dangerous. I fly solo so it's no imposition on other flyers as I usually fly on a very short line 20 yards. It's great fun with the miniature fighters as they are much faster and reactive. Around here the big fighter kite festival is in January. Real hard core fighters. Trees full of destroyed kites. Awsome fun.
  9. Sounds like you have plenty to do besides traveling. I don't do much anymore either. It was perfect steady winds all day and an awesome turn out. Glad me and Chuck don't have to be in charge of putting that event on any more. The new event planners do a great job thanks to alot of dedicated volunteers. Maybe we will meet up somewhere. Keep the dust off the kites.
  10. Good winds are here with cool weather so get sewing.
  11. Why are so many people scared to get out of their comfort zone and dig into the other side. Life is not a rehearsal and no do overs.
  12. Oh I was talking about my 7 inch fighter kites. Think they might have a video of them at the recent Chattanooga Festival. Fly High
  13. Hey Riff, always was amazed how good a kite can fly with such little surface sail area as those ribbon quads. I beat you for less area and faster speed with close to the manuverabily well you totally got me whipped on precision and manuverabily both , for sure. We both have the same fun though. Tell John B I'm impressed with his ability to keep this niece site up and running so long. Great work ethic and thinking out side the box.
  14. Grew up in Northern Virginia Farfax Springfield area. Good memories with extremely normal people. Hard to find today. Home made paper fighters are my all time favorite kites. Free and fun afternoon. I'm with you, if the winds are whipping I'm flying something. Enjoy my beat to hell micron on 40 mph +

  15. The fastest smallest kite 7 inches across going probably 40 mph stopping on a dime spinning and acting like a crazy ufo is something every one should partake in. Sure it takes a bit of skill development to get line tension controlled but then it's sooo much fun. Make your own for free. Standard fighter kites like from India and Asia are nothing but fun and engaging battles with a new friend.
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