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    Buka hata poly film bamboo only homemade
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    a kid didn't you
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    Chattanooga Tn
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    Fighter kite making. Mainly miniature versions of hata. Usually half scale. Like them fast and furious. Must spin and turn fast like micron

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  1. Chattanooga kite festival this Sat. At Montegue Park aka Sculpture Field. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Hope to meet some great flyers.🥳
  2. Michael Contactact me direct at marmarasmichael@gmail.com Don't take my advice I don't use it anyway. Happy flights?
  3. Every one into winter sports needs to amp it up springs near HAVE FUN
  4. Michael here, You that are interested in skating seem to have too much fun. I ice skated twice. Tennessee bound. Snow once a year at most. Norway kicked butt at Olympics. Fireliner has awesome video to share of kite propulsion skating. Looks exciting and a bit fun dangerous. Have fun and look forward to more fun.
  5. Hi Fireliner, You seem to know a lot about kite geometry and overall kite dy namics and physics. Trimming in my experiences is worth experimenting with. Little changes sometimes make big differences. Like you know sail loading is useful to determine pulling force. Your idea of keeping angle more perpendicular to wind should optimize wind. Like you said ease of use and manageability often out weigh other benefits. What is the clear panel? Mylar laminant? You seem to be on track for an awesome final motor. Your prototype looks very professional. Maybe some one might be interested in manufacturing some for sale. Good for buggy pulling too. That's also lots of fun. Keep tinkering and you should end up with a great result. Thanks again for the way cool video.
  6. Hi Firelier, awesome area your skating. Your no plans approach is commended, more fun and experimenting and mistakes lead to success. Impressed with professional design. Since speed is main objective maybe lighten frame w/ carbon and maybe increase sail area a bit. Increase the l e curve for more lift out of the slush. A hybrid Ridgid and inflatable tube design might get you the benefits of both? Your definitely out performing the 2x inflatable foil that are not as user friendly as your design. Too much lift seems scary on skates. A handle or strap on l e might be HANDY. Let me know if you make another design. I am making a quad sort of like the Fulcrum. Good luck and keep on experiminting
  7. Don't fit in so baled out last post Guess will make most happy. No offense given or taken. don't take anything seriously any more and don't really care about any protocal. Had a good time and really liked the site and participants.. Thank John B for enlightening the kite community. bye all and by all means have fun Michael
  8. Fighter kite flying enables closer interaction with others. Most flying is of course pretty solitary. Wished more people would engage. A kite can be made and ready to have a blast with in 30 minutes. Most material on hand already. many fly pretty good for homemade kites. Give it a try it Will put a grin on your face Fight On Michael
  9. Hi Riffclown. That was a very informative and thought out response You enlighted me to reasons that step is important and like you said not much more work for the benefit I just started sewing only antique singer from yard sale. Replace tension spring work ok. I didn't understand about the refractive part . I see the stretch issue I'll will pay closer attention to alignment because a lot of time invested in build. Do you make many? Love any input no pattern on first 2 just looked at some kiteplans.org and went to town turned out to trick well in good hands not mine! Using the same clx 150 rods on quad. Think middle center should be a little stronger. Looked at Fulcrum details and all 3 versions seem to use stiffer center. Kit an kite andfunthings great prices has quad kits for rev1.5 all same size cxl 150-350. Any input appreciate! Thanks again Michael marmarasmichael@gmail.com
  10. Hi Mebeatee. Just thought about how I see things I agree about stalls and crashing. I am new to tricks Only fly micron stormy Pete and baby tana ( my fav.) Been taped together and feurrelled often so these don't really trick. The 2 line 8 footers were flown by a very good pilot yesterday and way exceeded both our expectations. His twerking bridle guessed that Crashed crazy hard and can't believe didn't break. Only p200 rods and 150s. Stalls still elude me l can axel ok? Decided to do a quad UL after giving finish sail away on Another. Making something like a Fulcrum with 4 stand offs and parabolic sail geometry Don't know what l am doing but it's fun and rewarding when they fly good. Thanks for post. Probably won't comment on that subject again just mixing it up fly on and hopefully up. Michael
  11. Small world said he had an awesome time in Florida. Would like to meet you Sorry again if I was rude to you in a post I am really a layedback personality but go off rarely If you come we might put you to work Michael
  12. Hi Michael here figured out that most easy tricks are axel related and if you are good at that things start to make sense. The hard part for me is knowing when to adjust tension after slack in line. Only way to really figure it out I'd to make all the mistakes. We were joking that if it doesn't crash it is some kind of trick probably a new on you could never replicate. That's how I see it any way Michael
  13. Am really enjoying your site. Again sorry about a few of my not so nice comments Michael
  14. Tension almost all the way toward taut mine 8. Using both hands keep outward pressure on area all around the foot don't pull through let machine do feeding. Make life easier with all difficult fabric ie stretch knit, by using a walking foot I can't sew with out it. After every thing is set up properly don't readjust That's my 2 cents on this. Sew away then FLY AWAY. Michael marmarasmichael@gmail.com
  15. Building a stunt kite seemed intimidating to me but went all in expecting very little. First no pattern just scetch an outline on cardboard and cut away. Forget about all the talk about bias of fabric aligning properly Heard expert about importance of fsdric edge align ment and not very much impact on performance. Grab some spars good fabric and like me improvise on connectors and fittings. Tubing plastic clothes changers s.o. etc. My first looked unprofessional but flew way better than I could have imagined It is fun and rewarding plus save a lot of money. Try it not much to loose. Sew away. Michael marmarasmichael@gmail.com
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