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    I have learned these are sacred to many. That said if you are ready to release yours from the dusty closet, contact me. If you have never considered letting yours go, please, enjoy it and fly it as much as possible. I am looking for a standard Eclipse. Please, offer a price and picture. I appreciate your time. Thanks, Eric


  2. View Advert TRADE signed 3D for VAPOR Signed 3D, additional pictures upon inquiry. Trade plus additional $$$$.5 for well cared for Vapor. Advertiser BdeMakaSkaSSE Date 01/31/2022 Price $450 Category Kites (Dual Line) Brand Prism Model 3D/Vapor  
  3. View Advert ISO: Blue Micron or any other. Looking forward to a stack. Advertiser BdeMakaSkaSSE Date 01/30/2022 Price $50 Category Kites (Dual Line) Brand Prism Model Micron  
  4. Only a few days after Mpls. Recovery from George Floyd Murder. Quiet reflection and kites. Getting back to flying helps heal my soul and body from the sad clouds over our city. My first Kite, Quantum. And my Jazzy-Jazz.
  5. BdeMakaSkaSSE

    Lake Nakomis , Minneapolis, MN

    Lake Nakomis is home to many softball diamonds that make for a great open flying space albeit the wind breaks from surrounding trees.
  6. Up River from the University West Bank/Goose Runway spot. This is North of the Plymouth Avenue Bridge and Boom Island Park on The Mighty Mississippi River. Downtown Minneapolis in the background.
  7. BdeMakaSkaSSE


    West Bank of University of Minnesota looking at East Bank Campus in background. Weismann Art Museum, Frank Ghery Architect. And, University Hospital and Clinics. August, 8 2020. Screen shot from iPhone HDR video footage.

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    Signed 3D, additional pictures upon inquiry. Trade plus additional $$$$.5 for well cared for Vapor.


    , Minnesota - US


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    Looking forward to a stack.


    , Minnesota - US

  10. So cool. I need one. Saw some ice sleds here in Mpls that flipped me out and got me back into the sport in 2002
  11. Hey I love the fact the flip got you flying. I have one too, they are so much fun, giggles abound when it’s up. The zero-G I see —those are fascinating to assemble. Great exposure and color. With a 3D next to a Quantum. Quantum I have the most of in my quiver/collection. First kite That got me hooked—outside of the Adrenaline I got for my brother. I really started logging airtime in 2020. I had just lost my Chef and friend to an aggressive bout with the big C. 6 months—fast. He was like a father to me. Then my relationship went then George Floyd then COVID. flying really helped me sort things out in the air. Learning to just keep going just keep trying new tricks and flying in wind I didn’t think I could fly in. this sport can be very therapeutic for reconnecting and integration. beautiful collection. I can tell you have a genuine appreciation for them.
  12. Marvelous Microns Batman! I’m half way to six! Just landed a yellow today from NY. These kites brighten my day. So much fun! 3 stack pics up this spring. Yippee!
  13. Such a beautiful Zephyr.
  14. BdeMakaSkaSSE

    Klig's ceiling

    It’s like Kite Dreamland! What a wonderfully beautiful shop.
  15. View Advert Total Eclipse Looking to fly a Total Eclipse. Any condition. Love to share these kites. Advertiser BdeMakaSkaSSE Date 01/26/2022 Price $250 Category Kites (Dual Line) Brand Prism Model Total Eclipse  
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