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  1. just watched the video ... there a pretty cool kite!!
  2. is there anyone attending the wakefield kite festival in the uk later this month?? matthew
  3. Im just wondering if any of you djinn kite fliers wouldn't mind sharing you views and opinions on those kites please? Good, bad opinions are welcome, have you had any issues with them? Are they a solid kite? im just asking as i am going to buy one, im a complete noob to quads and after seeing them i figure its a kite for life so why not get the right kite rather than spen loads of money one several different makes only to get one in the end! many thanks matthew
  4. matthew_birkett


  5. hello and good morning im just putting out there if any one in the north of the uk is apart of any team flying? i would like to get into this and i dont know where to start. i fly a quad line kite, i have a rev and have been fling for 6 months or so so im still a beginner but willing to learn and put in the time to become better, please reach out if you can help or know of any one who can point me in the right direction!! many thanks matthew
  6. thats not too far away! im playing rugby up there in a vets game in a couple of weeks!! ive been watching some of your videos on you tube well done! your pretty good at flying them! i like the one where your flying around a post and towards your self! hopefully one day i can do something like that! any ways hopefully ill see you there the weather has change and it looks like its going to be a okay weekend!
  7. yeah i live near skipton north Yorkshire, its about a hour and half away what about yourself?
  8. yeah its not looking good is it!! where going on friday for the band and fireworks and then again sat and sunday! if you see my re rev flying come say hello
  9. hello just wondering if any one is going to the lythem st annes (uk) kite festival this weekend?
  10. hello just wondering if any one is going to the lythem st annes (uk) kite festival this weekend?
  11. cool guys thank you there is some great info there! @Cot51stStatei never really thought about doing things slower but ill give it a go next time im out (beach day on Saturday woop woop). i can hold a hover in all orientations and i can go backwards.... @Exult i never noticed about stopping before turning? i will have a look on saturday and its same with the pivot point, what would be the best approch to that? i was looking at videos on line and saw a flip flap.....yeah it didnt go well ha ha and another one where you kinda lay the kite flat then spin it while its flat....giving up on that one too for a while ha ha
  12. hey so i have ad my kite for a few months now and i have mastered the basics moves, what would be the next step or move to learn, i have a rev many thanks matthew
  13. @John Barresi do you ship to the uk? there new lines from my rev id say 15-20 hours flight time and not so strong winds to be fair only once where it pulled me about 3 foot forward ha ha ha i wasnt expecting that
  14. hello so ive been flying for about 6 weeks now and always checked my lines, any ways over the last few weeks i have noticed that my top lines are about 3-4inch longer than my bottom set(i have a rev) to even them out can i just swap the top for the bottoms and fly or adjustthem with nots? many thanks matthew
  15. @Cowboyvidz many thanks for the info I don’t have Facebook but i will have a look through my partners, I take it that there northern uk based? and @Bunduki Vlieger hello, the rev is awesome it’s so much fun! regards matthew
  16. Hello do you ship to the uk and are those still available?? matthew
  17. so i would like to say hello! im Matthew and im from Yorkshire in the uk, i am a complete noob to kites and i have recently bought a revolution exp as my first kite! i fell in love with those a few years back after attending a kite festival and watching john do a show! a was in awe of him and in thus began my journy. i have about 5-10 hours of fling time in and absolutely love my rev! there is a short video of me flying my kite! im not the best but its a start! any ways hell and thank you for taking the time to read my post matthew
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