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  1. Revolution 1.5 and a OSKUSA Vertigo for trade.

    Revolution 1.5 and a OSKUSA Vertigo both have very low air tie.  no holes, no wear.  Both look excellent shape. The Rev is a earlier modal (1995-1998) I had it since new.  (You can stack these two together) The Vertigo is like new, I might have 30mins on it.  I just a not into quads.    I Want to trade both kites for a 2 line (trick) kite of equal value or a nice one line kite.   Trade for both and I will throw in the handles Lets talk.

    more pix upon request.  

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      Rev.1.5 and OSKUSA Vertigo
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  2. What type of flying is out there.  I see trick kites flying talked about a lot , beside trick kites what do you call a good turner, one that can do nice squares, good figure eights, I guess precision flying what type of kite is that called?  One that makes sound, like my old Chicago Fire but new.  What would one look for in this type of kite. I bought a new trick kite and it flys well but just fells light, not much pull.


  3. Just wanted to say thanks for having me.  I been flying Stunt Kites since early 1980s.  But have started updating my kite collection.  Just picked up a few OSKUSA, one quad to add to my (REV 1.5 first run of in the 90s.) and a trick kite.  BTW I and near Nashville Tn if any flyers near give me a shout. 

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