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  1. Yep. All I was trying to do was fly to the top of the window (no problem) & bring it back down to land - that's where I ran into an issue both times... 🤣
  2. I flew my Quantum and Synapse today at an event. I also flew crashed a Djinn twice. I've never flown a quad before & didn't have much time to practice. The first crash wasn't too hard, but the second crash was much softer, so I think I was learning the controls.
  3. It's just a protective wear spot. The upper spreader rests on top of it where it intersects with the spine.
  4. I was checking out something on my Nexus & I noticed the piece of velcro on the on the front part of the kite that goes behind the upper spreader was coming off at the edges. Should I use double sided tape or glue to help hold it down? And is there a specific brand/style/viscosity of both that you prefer? I found about a thousand different varieties of CA glue on Amazon.
  5. Thanks for the welcome. Trust me, I'm definitely storing up for the drought. 🤣
  6. Thank you! That's what I thought it was, but in my research I was spelling it Jaeger or Jagger, but I never could come up with anything. I still can't, but at least I know I'm not losing my mind.
  7. Bought in 1999 8 ft wingspan Pretty sure it's a Flying Wings Does anyone know what it is?
  8. Hey, KL Forum. I started flying Trllby diamond kites back in the early/mid 90s when I was a kid. I eventually got 4 of them in a stack and loved flying them in the Outer Banks, NC. In 1999 I got a large Flying Wings delta out in San Diego that I flew quite a bit until the spine broke, when my girlfriend crashed it (I forgave her and eventually married her). In 2007 I got a Beetle out in Lincoln City, OR, but I didn't fly it a whole lot. Life and other interests kept me from enjoying my kites as much as I could. I recently went back out to the Outer Banks and bought 3 new kites - a Prism Quantum 2.0, a Nexus 2.0, and a Synapse 140 (my first ever foil), and I forgot how much I loved flying. I'm in the process of getting my first 2 deltas fixed so my sons can learn on them, and I have ordered a couple more Nexus kites in order to stack them. I am quite comfortable at keeping my kites in the air for some skywriting, dives, low passes, landings, etc., but I'm looking to get into trick flying. Nothing too serious, just seeing what I can do and having fun along the way to make flying a bit more adventurous and eye catching. I can stall, side slide, back flip, lazy Susan, and I'm *this* close to a consistent axel (I'm great at accidental half axels 🤣), and I have a couple ground recoveries in my bag as well. I'm joining to maybe connect with others who might be able to help me along the way and maybe someday be in a position to help others as they start their journey. Keep chasing the wind.
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