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  1. Seems like winter will never leave Thanks for showing what sand looks like Great videos !
  2. I have a lot of catching up to do on this forum... Our new wind art is finished ! Yeah !!! We couldn't take a photo with the 24 pieces together because the temperature was too cold for the masks. Visit My Website We don't realy have time for a break. We are curently making kites for different festival. More soon
  3. It's great to see the witch with its new owner. Love the hat ! Litsung, I'm really pleased that you persue this wind of generosity with "I have a kite to give." I have been trying to write my emotions regarding what you wrote but can't find the proper words...Maybe later...
  4. I find this situation outrageous ! I can't imagine someone copying one of our kite and sell it ! I will send an email to that compagny for sure !
  5. The witch is now on her way to her new home ! Thank you all for your kind words. It's sure is nice to have a lot of kites but what good is it if it's to keep them in a bag. I would like to wish you all a prosper year !
  6. Hi Penny, How are you ? Can't wait to see that mermaid costume :-) Yes her name is Ariel. Have someone take a video to show us. Could'nt try my rev during the holiday. Too much snow, very cold and too much wind. It would have been perfect for our speedwing kite... Have a nice weekend !
  7. Penny, very nice rev ! I tried to paint a kite once with the floral paint but for outdoor, it's not the best. I exchanged a couple of email with John Pollock on his method. Last night, I talked to another kiteflyer who has been painting kites for more than ten years. He gave me lots of good tips. I have some ripstop in the washing machine... I will try that before touching my rev. Aerochic, Thanks. I will defenitively check out this forum. Watty, That would have been perfect for me but I will be in Gaspe, Quebec flying kites for their 475 anniversary.
  8. Unfortunately Penny, my 1.5 rev is orange I need another therapy to try to like that color wich is the worst color, well for my taste. Last summer, I even bought an orange polo to help me love this color. I worn it once Oh yes, color is important ! I wish I could have a nice soft pink rev. I'm sure that with this color my rev skills would improve
  9. Yesterday, we had another snow storm here in Montreal and Environment Canada warns us that another 15 cm of snow will fall over our heads... The kite witch has now a new home ! This was such an exciting project. Through out emails, I met so many kind people from all over the world so Daniel and I have decided to create a new kite, once a year, to give around Christmas time. On this note, I would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday season with friends and family and health to enjoy all that life has to offer. (I hope Santa will bring me a nice soft pink rev...) Christine
  10. The first kite I created, the Witch. You can see it in the Kiting Journal page 4. Sorry for the late notice but you still have time to participate. The draw will be tonight. For more information : http://lcvs.ca/babillard.html Christine
  11. I came to this forum for a rev therapy. Yep, I have a brand new rev, that I bought two years ago and left in my bag. That's shameful ! Well, one afternoon, I went to the park with my rev under my arm, set it up and try to fly it. A man came to see what I was doing. He told me about the great time he had flying his little diamond kite when he was young and asked if he could try my rev. Ok, why not ! He took the kite, placed it and up the kite was flying in the sky as if had done this all his life ! After 30 minutes, he thank me and gave me back the rev. I went home embarrassed and since then, I'm trying to find a place where I can be ALONE to try my rev. Reading your subject makes me want to reconcile with my rev. I have two weeks off starting this morning and my goal is at least to take my rev out of my bag ok and take it outside Thanks Penny for this great therapy and be careful standing on that chair ! Christine
  12. Oh thank you ! Here are two more photos and no, they are not retouched. It's just to show that with a few dollars, it's possible to create fun looking kites.
  13. I start my day around 5:30 in the morning by answering my emails then I navigate the web. It's always a pleasure to discover new kite related websites and specialy kitefliers that are new to me and there's a lot of them ! So yes, I read all the pages of this post You might know the guy with the rev in the first photo it's Jean Lemire from Montreal. We often ask our friends kitefliers to come to our events and I wanted to thank them in a special way. I made a few phone calls and got the Montreal stadium for four hours on a sunday morning with the top on it They asked me to write about who we are, why I wanted the stadium and a resume about each kitefliers. We had free parking spaces and accomodation. We only had to pay the fees for a security guard. The stadium was not available this year because of football games and dog shows. I tried other special places but was not as lucky but I'm sure I will find a nice place so we can, again, have a couple of hours among friends to have a good time flying indoor kites. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the warm welcome ! p.s. excuse my basic english... but practice is good !
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