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  3. Vancouver . . . Portland . . . either would be great!
  4. I heard a rumor at the AKA convention that somebody was going to try to set up a venue for indoor flying in Portland . . . . Could it be true?
  5. John, Great routine. I couldn't make WSKIF this year and I appreciate this and your other updates. Your Rev is vented but it didn't look like it was all that windy. Do you just prefer to fly the vented Rev? Why? Thanks -- Rich
  6. I think it's about 25 miles. You'd hit Nehalem Bay and Neakahanie Mountain just north of Rockaway. There ar more headlands between them and Seaside . . . If that buggy has pontoons and you wear a wet suit . . . .
  7. Just show up with your kites and fly while hanging out with others who are doing the same thing. No competition.
  8. Thanks for the tips guys. I've been meaning to go north and check out parks in the Vancouver area just haven't been able to get there. I would REALLY like to be able to walk from my place in NW Portland (which is a block from the Mission theater) to fly. There are some truck terminals and freighting companies with large parking lots nort of my place that I need to check out too. Of course there will probably be a problem with flying on privae property or some such thing . . . . Thanks for the info on Broughton beach too.
  9. I've been to Delta park a few times looking for places to fly. It all seems to be soccer fields and parking lots, all of which are usually busy. Although I live in Portland I do most of my flying at the beach. Is there good field in PDX?
  10. I was sitting down with my feet jammed against a log on the beach, and leaning back hard. The lines were literally screaming as the kite hit the middle of the power zone and suddenly all 4 lines went slack at once. The Rev tumbled out of the air like a bird that had been shot. I know . . . . I know . . . . Kite Abuse!!
  11. Just remember if you get caught in the power zone there's nothing wrong with letting go of the handles. Besides, with the wind at your back it will be easier to chase the kite.
  12. OK so I'm 6'2" 215 pounds, but if I'm careful I can float those speed series kites out there in higher winds . . . I have had to let go of the blast a couple of times I broke the leading edge on my supersonic while in flight once. The leading edge sleeve was also pretty badly torn as a result. I knew I shouldn't have been flying . . . just had to try it. I'm going to Fort Worden this weekend. I don't know if I can manage two weekends in a row. Thank you for your kind offer and if I don't see you next week I'll take a rain check. I would love to try some indoor flying.
  13. I love my Rev II in high winds. I fly it on 85 or 100 foot lines to give myself more reaction time and I use extended handles about 17 inches long. The handles are probably too long making the kite twitchier than it should be, but I figure it's good training for my relflexes. That said, I often fly my blast and supersonic in high winds usind the same technique that you would use in very low winds. One Arm forward and one arm back. In low winds where, the kite is almost vertical, it gives you more lift. In high winds the kite flattens out from vertical letting the wind spill out. When flying like this the top handle does most of the work while the bottom handle acts as a gentle guide to work with the top handle. The botom lines will be very slack. The imortant thing is to keep the bottom lines slack so you don't get your arms pulled off. Time your turns for the edges and play with the float.
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